16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (2023)

Some great flower metaphors are:

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (1)
  • A flower is a soldier standing to attention in the sun.
  • A wilting flower is a candy cane in the field.
  • The flower is a dancer twirling in the wind.

Below is a full list and explanation of 16 metaphors for flowers that I could come up with.

To turn each into a simile, replace is with is like.

Flower Metaphors – A List

1. The Flowers were Soldiers Standing to Attention in the Sun

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (2)

Meaning: When flowers are in full bloom, their stems stand straight up pointing toward the sun. This can look like they’re standing to attention, a lot like a soldier on parade. This would be a good metaphor to use when there is a patch of beautiful strong flowers in full bloom.

2. A Blooming Flower is a Feast for the Eyes

Meaning: A flower is (of course) not a feast. You don’t eat it like you’d eat a delicious roast dinner. But we’re saying they’re a feast metaphorically here. Just like a good meal satisfies your stomach, a beautiful sight of flowers might satisfy your eyes! They’re beautiful to look at.

3. The Wilting Flower was a Decrepit Old Man

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (3)

Meaning: When a flower starts to die, its stem starts to droop. While it once might have stood straight (like a young man!), it now bends like an old man with a crooked spine. So, you can say it looks like a decrepit, hunched-over, old man whose spine has curled over.

4. The Wilting Flower is a Candy Cane

Meaning: A wilting flower might also look like a candy cane. Its top bends over rather than pointing up straight. You could imagine a whole “field of candy canes” if all the flowers bend together as they wilt in the summer sun.

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5. Flowers are Blooming Suns in the Field

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (4)

Meaning: When a flower is fully blooming it can look like a little sun. This might, of course, be especially true for a sunflower. But I also happen to think dandelions can look this way, too. When there is a field of blooming flowers, you could imagine a sea of little suns all over the rolling hills.

6. The Flowers are Dancers Twirling in the Wind

Meaning: I originally was going to make this a personification metaphor: the flowers danced. But to make it a traditional metaphor, let’s say they are dancers. Of course, they’re not. But the appear to be like dancers as they sway and twirl in unison as the wind blows through them.

7. The Flower is a Gift from God

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (5)

Meaning: We often give flowers as gifts. This is because they look and smell beautiful. Having them in our house can make us happy and feel connected to the beauty of nature. But, if you were out on a hike and came across a patch of wildflowers, you might say they are a gift from god. They weren’t given to you by your boyfriend. You could imagine they were placed there by God to make you smile as you walked by.

8. The Flower is a Shy Child Peeking through the Shrubs

Meaning: Sometimes when flowers are hidden behind shrubs or in deep grass, you only see the tips of them. In these situations, they look like they’re timidly peering out at you like a child peeking at you from under their sheets. So, here, we could say that the flowers are shy (again, an example of personification).

9. The Falling Petals were Teardrops Mourning the End of Spring

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (6)

Meaning: If you look at a flower at the end of its bloom, it will being to wilt. This will often happen when the sun gets too hot and the abundance of springtime water sources run out.

Because it’s sad to see the end of wildflower season, you might create an analogy to tears. Each petal that falls from the flower is another teardrop mourning the end of the season.

10. The Wild Flowers were a Rainbow Cast Across the Field

Meaning: If you see a field of wildflowers of many different colors, it may remind you of a rainbow. Where I live, you see purples and whites all over the place. If you live somewhere with lilies and poppies, you might see many more colors as you look out over a field of wildflowers.

To use figurative language, we could look out at the wildflowers and say: “The flowers are a rainbow spread out over the landscape.”

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11. The Flowers were a Blanket Cast across the Meadow

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (7)

Meaning: Another way to describe wildflowers growing in a meadow is to say they ‘blanket’ the meadow. This doesn’t mean they’re a literal blanket. But it does mean that they are covering the landscape, looking like a blanket.

This metaphor will usually be used when the landscape seems entirely covered. For example, it can also be used as a snow metaphor when talking about “snow blanketing a landscape”, meaning it covers all the grass.

12. Flowers are Nature’s Wallpaper

Meaning: Often, we will put wallpaper up around our house to make it more attractive and beautiful.

When we walk around in the outdoors, we will notice that the wildflowers around us similarly make our surrounds more beautiful. They are spotted around the landscape, making us feel happier. They’re a lot like wallpaper, but they’ve been put there by nature, not by an interior decorator!

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13. The Flower is a Bed for the Bees

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (8)

Meaning: An open flower attracts a lot of bees. Bees come to flowers to collect nectar. So you’ll often see them coming to land on the petals.

Because the flower looks like a nice soft place for bees to land, you could call it a ‘bed’ for the bees, or maybe even a pillow.

14. A Flower Growing Out of Place is a Weed

Meaning: This saying may have many meanings. But, generally, we can see it as a metaphor because you’re calling a flower a weed even though it isn’t one!

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First, it might simply mean that flowers that are in the wrong spot look ugly, like weeds. You might have a garden full of a certain type of shrub from one part of the world, and then one random flower that’s only found in Mongolia. Here, it would appear out of place, and look more like a weed than a flower!

Second, you could think of this metaphor more like a proverb. It could say that you (the flower) are beautiful, but you’re in the wrong place, so you look and feel like you’re not being noticed for your beauty. You could say this to someone who is in the wrong career. You might say: “You are really great, but you’re in the wrong career so you’re unhappy and underappreciated. You’re a flower growing in the wrong place, so you’re a weed.”

15. She was a Blooming Flower on her Birthday

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (9)

Meaning: We often call beautiful women flowers. That’s because, of course, they remind you of flowers, which are also beautiful.

For example, we often call a woman working with men “a rose between thorns”, where the woman is the rose (beauty) and the men are the thorns (prickly).

Another similarity is that they both might appear precious. A flower can easily be trodden on, while a beautiful woman might look like someone you need to respect and be kind to because they’re so rare.

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16. The Old Lady is a Wilting Flower

Meaning: Earlier, I mentioned that wilting flowers can look like old bent-over men. We can flip this and talk about old people looking like wilting flowers!

This one has a great added meaning. An old lady might once have been referred to as a ‘beautiful rose’. So, to say she is a wilting flower both reflects on the fact she one was beautiful, and draws reference to how an old flower gets bent and saggy, just like elderly people.

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The above flower metaphors are by no means the only ones you could come up with. I’m sure you’d be able to identify many more! But, they’re a good start to get you thinking about how to talk about flowers using figurative language.

If you don’t like any of the above, consider making up your own metaphor or simile! What do flowers remind you of? Simply say they are something that they’re not to create a metaphor, or that they’re like something that they’re not to create a simile.

16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022) (10)


I’m Chris and I run this website – a resource about symbolism, metaphors, idioms, and a whole lot more! Thanks for dropping by.

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16 Flower Metaphors and Similes that Bloom! (2022)? ›

Flower Metaphors – A List
  • The Flowers were Soldiers Standing to Attention in the Sun. ...
  • A Blooming Flower is a Feast for the Eyes. ...
  • The Wilting Flower was a Decrepit Old Man. ...
  • The Wilting Flower is a Candy Cane. ...
  • Flowers are Blooming Suns in the Field. ...
  • The Flowers are Dancers Twirling in the Wind. ...
  • The Flower is a Gift from God.
May 11, 2021

What are 10 common metaphors? ›

Other examples of common metaphors are “night owl”, “cold feet”, “beat a dead horse”, “early bird”, “couch potato”, “eyes were fireflies”, “apple of my eye”, “heart of stone”, “heart of a lion”, “roller coaster of emotions”, and “heart of gold.”

What are some metaphors in flowers for Algernon? ›

Flowers For Algernon Metaphors
  • Flowers For Algernon Metaphors.
  • Charlie is the little engine that. ...
  • Frank Reily is a bulldozer. ...
  • Fanny Girden is a rope holding. ...
  • Dr.Strauss is a cliff diver. ...
  • Algernon is a robot. ...
  • Miss Kinnian is a roll of duct tape because she was holding Charlie together throughout the years.

What is a metaphor for a flower? ›

Some great flower metaphors are:

A flower is a soldier standing to attention in the sun. A wilting flower is a candy cane in the field. The flower is a dancer twirling in the wind.

What are the 20 examples of similes? ›

What are 20 examples of similes?
  • She was as sly as a fox.
  • That knife is as sharp as a razor.
  • He's as sick as a dog.
  • It was as big as an elephant.
  • He is as bright as a button.
  • She's as cold as ice.
  • It's as tough as an old boot.
  • He's as good as gold.

What are 3 famous metaphors? ›

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  • “The Big Bang.” ...
  • “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. ...
  • “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ...
  • “I am the good shepherd, … and I lay down my life for the sheep.” ...
  • “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” ...
  • “Chaos is a friend of mine.”

What do the flowers symbolize in Flowers for Algernon? ›

The flowers represent Charlie's wish for him and Algernon to be remembered, Even though the experiment will be deemed a failure, for Charlie and Algernon, it was a unique and special experience, which in Charlie's mind makes it a success.

Is Flowers for Algernon sad? ›

The Indy Book Club: Flowers for Algernon is a sad, sweet interrogation of what it is to be human.

What is an example of foreshadowing in Flowers for Algernon? ›

Algernon bites Charlie. Foreshadows: That something is wrong with Algernon/the aggression will also happen to Charlie. Nurse Hilda protests Charlie's operation while he is in the hospital, calling it a sin.

What is a figurative sentence? ›

In both literature and daily communication, many sentences contains figurative language. Figurative language makes meaning by asking the reader or listener to understand something by virtue of its relation to some other thing, action, or image.

What is the irony in Flowers for Algernon? ›

This is dramatic irony:

Charlie is being made fun of at his work place. He thinks that his cowokers just like to tease him when really they are making fun of him, for their own joy.

What is an allusion in Flowers for Algernon? ›

1. Paradise Lost refers to Adam and Eve, so the allusion stresses that story. 2. Charlie cannot read Paradise Lost anymore, which is a really difficult epic poem to read (as you heard in class).

How do you describe a flower? ›

Beautiful, aromatic, colourful, fresh, garden-fresh, elegant, etc. are the common adjectives used for describing a flower.

What do flowers smell like? ›

Flower fragrances may be sweet and fruity, or they can be musky, even stinky or putrid depending on the pollinator they are trying to attract.

How do you describe a blooming flower? ›

Blooming blossoming; flowering; flourishing; thriving in vigor, health and beauty. Blossoming the process and time of budding and unfolding of blossoms.


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