8 Tips and Tricks for Preparing a Gorgeous Backyard Wedding (2023)

8 Tips and Tricks for Preparing a Gorgeous Backyard Wedding (1)

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There is nothing more special than your loved ones gathered together as you prepare to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person. On top of that, getting married in a private and more personal setting like a backyard is a sure way to get the most out of your intimate ceremony. No matter the venue, planning a wedding and taking care of all the details can get very overwhelming. But have no fear! That’s why we made this all-in-one backyard wedding guide to share a few of our favorite tips to help you prepare for your special day.

A Pristine Scene

One of the first things to consider when having a backyard wedding is, well, the yard. Depending on the season and location, each backyard will present different features. However, it’s very important that the space is up to par for something as eventful as a wedding. First, make sure the lawn will complement the ceremony aesthetic. The last thing you want is for a landscaping eyesore to take attention away from the beautiful bride-to-be! Whether you choose to accentuate your lawn features with rocks, mulch, flowers, or plants, make sure they are in tip-top shape to be in pictures and videos from sunrise to nightfall. On top of the landscaping, make sure the lawn itself is clean, mowed, and ready to host your friends and family.

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Florals Fit for a Queen

There is so much magic in saying “I Do” surrounded by lush and colorful flowers; especially in a stunning backyard ceremony where you can make the whole space your own. When it comes tochoosing the right flowersfor your ceremony, it’s important to note the season and wedding theme. Different flowers bloom at various times of year and can be hard to find if they are out of season. This is one of the many reasons to work with a florist; they can advise you on options within your budget and put together your dream floral arrangements. The possibilities are endless with flowers; look to incorporate them in more than just bouquets, but into your table centerpieces and venue décor as well. The right floral arrangements are sure to turn any backyard into a romantic and whimsical venue right out of a fairytale.

The Perfect Processional

Walking down the aisle is such a surreal moment at your wedding that comes with endless emotions. For a backyard ceremony, making sure you have a designated aisle helps to keep the event in an orderly fashion for both the guests and the bridal party. Especially if you have children involved in the ceremony, an organized processional is ideal. So, there are a few ways to arrange a backyard and define an aisle. The most common choice is to define the aisle with guest chairs. This makes for a clear path for the bridal party to follow on their way to the altar. If you’re arranging seating in a different way or plan to have a standing ceremony, there are options to complement the structure. For one, you can choose to outline the aisle with rocks, flowers, or for a more classic look,a lace aisle runner. Not only does it provide a clear distinction in the grass or landscape, but also serves as a beautiful, decorative touch. Any of these choices are an effortless way to get that delicate, regal feel while staying in the comfort of your backyard.

In Awe of the Altar

After the out-of-body experience of walking down the aisle, you’re now face to face with your true love at the altar. This is another magical moment as you share your vows and first kiss as a married couple. To make this moment truly exceptional, choose to wed under yourdream altar. Especially for backyard nuptials, you can make this anything from a simple arch to a lush backdrop of greenery. For a more minimalistic approach, a wooden or wire frame provides an effortless focal point for your close-knit ceremony. If you’re looking for a more extravagant “wow” factor, spruce up the simple frame with flowers, leaves, or even fairy lights. Whichever you choose, make sure the frame and details are sturdy and the foundation is sound. With an outdoor ceremony, it’s imperative to ensure it can handle any curveballs Mother Nature throws your way.

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Luxurious Lighting

Nothing says outdoor wedding quite like dancing underneath the stars! Prep your backyard with all the lighting essentials to do just that. Between twinkle lights, lanterns, or sparkling chandeliers, choose the lighting that best fits your backyard landscape. Twinkle lights are a great economical and lightweight option to drape from trees, fences, and even dining tents. These lights often come in long strands and connect for a seamless lighting look. Another wonderful and gorgeous lighting idea involves lanterns. These are a great way to provide function and style, especially at a reception. Lanterns make a romantic addition to table centerpieces and can also hang from branches and furniture. Finally, for the head turner, look at uniquewedding chandelier designs. Chandeliers are perfect if you’re looking for a striking piece above the bride and groom at dinner, or if you’re looking to create a more lavish outdoor feel.

Bridal Traditions

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue; but with a twist. Of course, the bride plays a huge part when it comes to a stunning wedding. So how can you use this wedding tradition to add some flare to your outdoor ceremony? Let’s start with something old. Oftentimes, brides will wear a family heirloom, piece of jewelry, or veil for their “something old”. Such a heartfelt tribute! If you don’t have vintage wearables or want to think a little outside the box, consider incorporating your “something old” into your cake topper. Such a unique twist on the tradition! Something new can be interpreted in so many ways. Anything from the dress, rings, or shoes can be considered new. For a backyard wedding twist, consider planting a tree as a reminder of the special day. As the tree grows, it can serve as a tribute to your growing love. To spice up something borrowed, consider using your parent’s or loved ones’ first dance song. This is a sure way to draw up some happy tears at the reception! And finally, something blue to symbolize purity, love, and fidelity. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to a pair of sapphire earrings, consider adding a splash of color into youreyeglass framesas a way to complete your bridal look. This is not only functional, but can be more budget-friendly compared to other jewelry options. Whatever you decide to do, incorporating your own twist into those age-old wedding traditions is a sure-fire way to make your wedding feel unique and personal.

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Statement Seating

Now that your loved ones are gathered for your big day, it’s time to think about the seating. More often than not, guests are seated at the ceremony which means you will be in the market for plenty of chairs. Renting furniture for a small backyard ceremony can be very affordable if you do it right. Save some room in your budget by forgoing the fancier, more expensive seating option. Instead, consider renting the least expensive option—usually a folding chair—and dress it up with achair cover. This can look just as nice while acting as a more budget-friendly option. To further the look of the wedding seating, add flowers, greenery, or lights to add a bit more sparkle and statement to the ceremony.

Dream Dance Floor

Is there a better place to celebrate a new marriage than on the dance floor? When the shoes come off and the dancing starts, you’re looking at the highlight of any reception. A backyard reception is comfortable and familiar, so keep it organized with a designated dance floor. If you don’t want your guests dancing in the grass and tracking mud around, look into portable dance floor options. For the DIY bride and groom, consider assembling plywood sheets together to make a suitable outdoor dance floor. This option allows you to customize the size and make it exactly what you need for your big day. If the plywood look isn’t your style, you can use that as a base and layer on top of it. Carpet or burlap makes for a more rustic look, while stick-on tile gives a more polished feel. Pick the option that best fits your budget, aesthetic, and landscape. Either way, you’ll be dancing the night away!

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There you have it, our eight tips for creating your perfect backyard wedding. From a twist on the bridal classics to the ideal wedding florals, you’ll be sure to have the most magical experience. Most importantly, remember to not get overwhelmed by the fine details. Take a deep breath, enjoy the adventure, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Rachel Cho Floral Design is here and happy to assist with all your floral needs. From bouquets to centerpieces and all the green in between, let us help make your dream backyard wedding a reality!


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How can I make my backyard wedding look elegant? ›

Bring Trees Inside Your Tent

Pair with reception tables laden with gold candlesticks and foliage, and you've got an elegant backyard wedding. Plus, potted trees or topiaries can make for an unexpected addition inside or outside a reception tent, or they can be used as aisle markers.

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9 Simple Ways to Spice Up a Small Backyard Wedding
  1. Set up Mood Lighting. ...
  2. Bring the Inside Outside with a Lounge Vignette. ...
  3. Incorporate the Venue's Landscaping. ...
  4. Get Creative with Your Aisle Runner. ...
  5. Change up the Seating Arrangements. ...
  6. Bring Lawn Games to your Small Backyard Wedding. ...
  7. Provide Functional Favors.
Jun 26, 2022

What do you need for a backyard wedding reception? ›

A backyard wedding reception inevitably requires bringing in enough rentals to throw a party. Your must-have items are tables, chairs, dinnerware, napkins, table linens, place settings, barware, portable bathrooms and a tent. Rent enough chairs so everyone can be seated for the ceremony.


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