A Complete Guide to Growing Autoflowers Outdoors (When to Plant, How Often to Water, & How Much They Yield) (2023)

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1When should I plant my autoflowers outside?

2What kind of container should I plant my autoflowers in?

3What kind of soil should I plant autoflowers in?

4Do autoflowers need direct sunlight?

5How often should I water my autoflowers?

6Do autoflowers take longer outdoors?

7How much does an outdoor autoflower yield?

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Last Updated: August 26, 2021References

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If you’re new to marijuana growing, autoflower seeds are a great choice. These cannabis seeds don’t require a rigorous light schedule, and they’re more forgiving when it comes to temperature fluctuations and fungus control. They also grow much faster than typical cannabis seeds, so you can get a full yield in just 8 to 12 weeks! We’ve answered your questions about autoflowering seeds so you can pick the right strain for you.

  1. Aim for mid- to late-summer. Marijuana doesn’t do well in colder temperatures, so summer is your prime growing season. Autoflowering seeds don’t need a strict light schedule like typical marijuana does, but they still like long, sunny days.[1]

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Question 2 of 7:

What kind of container should I plant my autoflowers in?

  1. Pick a large pot with drainage holes in the bottom. The size of the pot depends on the size of the plant. Medium-sized plants need a 5 to 7USgal (19 to 26L) pot, while large ones need a 11USgal (42L) pot. The pot that you start your seeds in will be the one you grow your plant in, so don’t count on transplanting to a larger container.[2]

    • Since autoflower plants grow so quickly, transplanting them can shock them (and even kill them). It’s best to pick out a container that they can stay in the entire time.
    • If you don’t have containers, you can plant autoflowers straight into the ground. However, since you can’t control the soil nutrients as well, it’s not ideal.

Question 3 of 7:

What kind of soil should I plant autoflowers in?

  1. Go for well-draining, slightly acidic soil. Stay away from clay and rocky soil, since it can waterlog your autoflower’s roots. Pick out a potting soil that has a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 to keep your plant happy all season long.[3]

    • You can buy a soil pH test kit at most nurseries and garden supply stores.
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Question 4 of 7:

Do autoflowers need direct sunlight?

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  1. Yes, autoflowers prefer direct sunlight. They don’t require the strict 12 hours on 12 hours off schedule that feminized seeds do, but autoflowers will grow better in direct light. Try placing your container in an area that gets at least 8 hours of sunlight per day.[4]

    • If you’ve ever grown tomatoes outdoors, try to put your autoflowers in the same spot. They both require the same amount of light per day.

Question 5 of 7:

How often should I water my autoflowers?

  1. Water them about once per day. All cannabis types need a lot of water, but they can get waterlogged with too much. If you live in a dry climate without rain, check on your soil every day to see if it’s dry. If the soil is still wet, don’t worry about watering your plant that day.[5]

    • Watering is most important during the first week of planting. After that, you can be a little less strict with your schedule.
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Question 6 of 7:

Do autoflowers take longer outdoors?

  1. Yes, they might take slightly longer outdoors. However, it shouldn’t be that noticeable—most autoflowering seeds take 8 to 12 weeks to grow fully, and your outdoor ones might be on the higher end of that range. In general, if they get enough light and water, they’ll grow just fine outside.[6]

    • You can find strains of autoflowers that are better suited for the outdoors. The Joint Doctor and Emerald Triangle are great ones to plant outside.[7]

Question 7 of 7:

How much does an outdoor autoflower yield?

  1. It ranges from 25 to 150 grams per plant. The yield really depends on which strain you choose, and not so much on indoor versus outdoor. If you want a super high yield, go for a strain like Paradise Pandora, Emerald Triangle, or Grass-O-Matic.[8]

    • You can also check with the person who you’re buying the seeds from. They probably have a good idea of what kind of yield you can expect from your particular strain.
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      • Autoflowers are usually smaller than feminized seeds, so they’re easier to grow discreetly. Most only grow up to 2ft (0.61m) tall.[9]


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      A Complete Guide to Growing Autoflowers Outdoors (When to Plant, How Often to Water, & How Much They Yield) (10)

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