All The Ways You Can Keep Your Hot Girl Walk From Becoming Stale - Glam (2022)

All The Ways You Can Keep Your Hot Girl Walk From Becoming Stale - Glam (1)

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ByStephanie Harper|Sept. 27, 2022 7:01 pm EDT

Hot girl walks have become a phenomenon among girls and women everywhere. Megan Thee Stallion turned the words "Hot Girl Summer" into a household phrase after dropping a song of the same name in 2019. Having a hot girl summer meant you were ready to sip margaritas, party in the club, prance around yachts in Miami, and generally live your best life. From there, being a "hot girl" has been attached to other things, including walking as a form of exercise. Hot girl walks exist because of TikToker and fitness influencerMia Lind. She creatively decided to combine the habit of walking a few miles each day with the art of positive thinking. What's more,Healthline adds that some experts believe hot girl walks can be truly effective at boosting mental and physical health.

Anyone who's interested in raising their self-esteem might want to consider the benefits of hot girl walks. First, you're automatically burning calories by moving your body. Second, you're automatically improving your mood by dedicating the time you spend walking to raising your emotional vibrations. Furthermore, walking is incredibly low-impact and is classified as one of the most reliable forms of exercise. If sunlight regulates our circadian rhythm, hot girl walks might even be helpful when it comes to fighting against other issues such as insomnia and depression.

Ultimately, some women on TikTok are boasting about their daily 10-mile hot girl walks, as well as the results they're yielding. If you make a deal with yourself to walk every day, it can improve your life, but it may become tedious and boring along the way. Now, here's what you can do to combat any feelings of boredom that pop up along the way.

Turn it into a viral social media opportunity

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You don't have to have thousands of followers on social media to turn your hot girl walk into a viral social media opportunity. Hundreds of people are posting about their walks on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for their followers to see. While doing this, they're also gaining attention from users who aren't following them, at least not yet. WP Explorer says there are multiple benefits to vlogging, including the fact that it can lead to business opportunities down the line.

When you film video content of the things you're doing, it gives you a chance to engage directly with your audience and potentially even earn some money. Strut your stuff while wearing your favorite apparel line during your hot girl walks and see if it will lead to a brand deal! Show off your prized water bottle or AirPod case and see if any companies reach out about collaborations.Life Wire suggests doing your best to be as unique as possible in comparison to other people who are posting similar content. Since plenty of others are excited about doing hot girl walks and posting their experiences on social media, you have to brainstorm some of the ways your hot girl walks can stand out. What makes them exciting, different, and entertaining? Hot girl walks might just open your door to social media stardom if you're really willing to put forth the effort.

Call or FaceTime your friend or significant other

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Have you ever noticed that an hour-long phone call with your friend or partner somehow sped by in what felt like less than five minutes? The reason it felt like time moved faster is that you were engaging in an interesting conversation with someone you care about. If the saying is really true that time flies when you're having fun, it makes sense to call or FaceTime a friend, family member, or significant other during your hot girl walk.

BetterHelp says that there are endless topics to cover when talking to the people you care about the most over the phone. Phone calls and FaceTimes lead to deeper communication since you're giving your mental attention to the other person involved. FaceTime calls are even a little better since you're able to see each other's facial expressions and mannerisms. Vida Select explains that phone calls and FaceTimes are a great time for two people to ask each other some of their burning questions. Learning about each other's hometowns, favorite hobbies, and goals are just a few ideas to get you through your hot girl walk.

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Manifest or daydream

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If you're going to be spending an hour or two doing a , you might as well use the time to benefit you as much as possible. One of the best ways you can pass the time while doing a would be manifesting or daydreaming. Millennial Grind says that using visualization in your manifestation process can help you fall into alignment. When you are in energetic alignment with the universe, you'll notice that your manifestation will start to become reality.

A hot girl walk is a great place to hone in on the goals you hope to achieve for yourself. It's the perfect time to visualize the physical form of your desires. Daydreaming is a huge part of the manifestation process since it's the natural form of visualization most human beings have experienced since their childhood years. According to Business Insider, those who daydream end up becoming more successful in life. Visualizing the life you want for yourself is the first step in creating happier outcomes. Our minds will naturally wander, so why not use our thoughts to manifest the things we want most out of life?

Bring your dog (or a friend's dog) along

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Going on a hot girl walk doesn't mean you can't bring your dog along. Dog owners already know just how important it is to regularly walk pups throughout the day. Help Guide says that increased physical fitness, better mental health, improved sleep, and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease are some of the benefits that come along with walking your dog on a regular basis.

BetterHealth adds that walking your dog can help lower your blood pressure, decrease your stress, and strengthen your muscles. Dogs typically love being taken on walks because they get to explore the great outdoors. People who own dogs have likely experienced just how adorable it is to watch dogs get excited over flowers, bushes, ladybugs, and other beautiful aspects of nature. Dogs have been labeled "man's best friend" for years. Since they're loyal, precious, and sweet, they certainly live up to the legendary title. If you don't already have a dog of your own, you can always offer to walk your family member or friend's dog before your next hot girl walk.

Set up a personal rewards system for milestones

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Rewards systems aren't just meant for small children in classroom settings. Adults can create personal reward systems for themselves in order to achieve the goals they have in mind. Imagine this: you're in the middle of a hot girl walk, but you're starting to feel a little worn down. What can you do to keep yourself motivated? The easiest answer to this question is to set up a personal rewards system for yourself.

After you achieve certain milestones during your hot girl walks, you can reward yourself with something cool. Develop Good Habits says that you can turn your hot girl walks into a consistent, life-long habit with the right reward system in place. For example, finishing three hot girl walks in one week means you're allowed to indulge with a couple of delicious donuts over the weekend. Finishing a two-mile-long hot girl walk in less than 30 minutes means you're giving yourself permission to binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix when you get home.

Better Up says that the benefits of a rewards system are undeniable. They help you create enough motivation to continue with your goals while feeling proud of what you've accomplished. Exercise in any form can feel like a challenge at first, but rewarding yourself for milestones along the way can smooth out the transition.

Do various body exercises during your walk

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Covering the same trail every day can feel repetitive or monotonous if you're not adding anything special to the mix. Simply walking your route is a great way to improve your health when it comes to hot girl walks, but you don't have to put yourself in a box. Adding various body exercises to your hot girl walk can improve your experience in a major way. Total Wellness Health suggests stopping every 10 minutes to insert a brand new body movement into your routine. You can insert push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, or whatever else suits your mood. This is a great way to give your legs a brief break and focus on some upper body stretches and workouts if possible.

Preventionencourages people to switch back-and-forth between a comfortable walking speed for 10 minutes and a brisk walking speed for two minutes. If you're consistently switching up the speed of your hot girl walk, it certainly keeps you on your toes. If you want to keep moving while adding various body exercises to your hot girl walk, you might consider adding forward-moving lunges, walking toe touches, or butt kicks.

Create a dynamic route with fun stopping points

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When you create a dynamic route with fun stopping points for your upcoming , it can make the experience feel a thousand times more enjoyable and exciting. If you know that there's a delicious little coffee shop one mile away, that can be your first stopping point during your . While you're there, you can buy yourself a small cup of coffee and possibly share a sweet conversation with the baristas on duty for the day.

If there is an adorable bookstore en route during your hot girl walk, you can stop there for 10 to 15 minutes to sift through some of the new arrivals and discover if there's anything there that interests you. If there's a mom-and-pop flower shop somewhere along your path, you can always stop for a moment to smell the roses.Business Insider notes that it's simple enough to draw your route up using Google maps. This way, you can create a customized trip for yourself. Go Ahead Tours says that planning your route ahead of time will allow you to savor the anticipation of what's to come next. You'll always have something to look forward to during your hot girl walk with a dynamic list of stopping points lined up.

Binge-watch a Netflix show that doesn't require much attention

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There are plenty of shows to binge-watch on Netflix that don't require all of your attention. Multitaskers have been playing Netflix shows in the background while handling other obligations for years now. According to Britannica, one positive that comes with binge-watching a show is that it can act as a stress reliever. It can also help the show itself feel more fulfilling since you're seeing connecting details within each episode in quick succession. Watching shows over years can make you forget details.

The New York Times says there are a handful of amazing shows that are perfect for multitaskers out there, including those who want to enjoy hot girl walks with a Netflix show playing in their hand. Some of those shows are "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," "Chef's Table," and "Terrace House."However, shows like "Stranger Things," "Squid Game," or "Bridgerton" might require all of your attention, so they might be better saved for evenings at home. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-maintenance shows you can press "play" on during your hot girl walks, too.

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Talk text your journal entry for the day

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It's fairly common knowledge that journaling comes with a slew of positive benefits. The problem is that a lot of people don't have time to physically write down the details of what their day was like in a paperback journal. This is why talk texting journal entries during your hot girl walk can make such a difference in your life. Healthlinenotes that journaling is incredibly beneficial since it reduces stress, improves your mood, and encourages you to build a space between yourself and your negative thoughts.

Journaling is something that helps you process your emotions while giving you a chance to figure out your next steps in life. On top of that, it helps deepen your sense of self-discovery. Some of the best journaling apps you can download are Day One, Grid Diary, and Five Minute Journal. If you don't want to download anything at all, your Notes app can also get the job done. While you're in the middle of your hot girl walk, you can talk text journal entries directly into your phone to keep a record of the highs and lows of your day.

Listen to an audiobook

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Have you been thinking about reading a new book, but you just don't feel like you have the time to sit back and enjoy it? One lovely answer that solves your problem is here. Listening to audiobooks during your hot girl walk is an ideal solution. Instead of carving time out of your busy schedule to sit down with the book you've been so curious about, you can mentally flip through the pages by listening to a narrator do all the work. Audible is a popular audiobook app to download for those who are just getting started.

Epic Reads suggests trying out different books that will fully grab your attention. Audiobooks are a surefire way to disconnect from the stresses of the world if you're currently going through a rough patch. If you're in need of an escape from your daily frustrations, an audiobook can be more beneficial than you'd guess. Inc.comsays that audiobooks are all the rage right now thanks to how useful they are for travelers who are in need of knowledge or pleasure. Since commuters easily rely on audiobooks to pass the time while headed to work in traffic or on public transit, you can easily reap the same rewards during a hot girl walk.

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Listen to a podcast

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Podcasts have become more popular following the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like everyone was stuck at home looking for something to kill their boredom in 2020. Podcasts started popping up like crazy during that timeframe with tons of people excitedly sharing their opinions and viewpoints for the world to tune into. Most people who run podcasts are heavily passionate about the topics they're covering, which keeps listeners coming back for more. In fact, many try to keep their podcasts updated on a weekly, or sometimes even daily, basis.

Life Wire suggests listening to podcasts that will teach you new things. Some of the best for this include "Stuff You Should Know," "The Podcast History of Our World," and "The College Info Geek Podcast." It doesn't matter what stage you're at in life! There will be a podcast available that meets your needs and suits your interests. Career Karma adds that anyone who's thinking about their financial future might want to give informative podcasts a serious listen. Podcasts like "Work in Progress, "We Study Billionaires," and "Women in Tech" might open your mind in terms of academics, business, and entrepreneurship. Podcasts will undoubtedly upgrade your hot girl walk because, by the end of your trip, you'll be a little more knowledgeable than you were before.

Listen to a perfectly curated playlist

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If you're willing to take an hour out of your day before your hot girl walk starts to curate the perfect playlist, you will feel like a total winner. Let's estimate that your will last one hour, round trip. Starter DJ revealed that musicians and performers try to have at least 20 to 40 songs prepared for an hour-long set. Consider yourself your own personal DJ and start picking which songs you know will make you feel the best. Live365 says there's a lot to keep in mind when curating your playlist. Stay on the lookout for new music by your top artists, choose a theme, hone in on a purpose, and get creative.

When it comes to your mental health, North Shore explains that music is a very powerful thing. It can help improve your overall mood, decrease sensations of pain, lower anxiety, and open the door to emotional expression. Do you want to feel like a total hottie on your hot girl walk? Choose a list of sultry, sexy songs to create that vibe. Do you want to feel strong and fierce? There are songs that will create that vibe too. If you're feeling sad and hoping to raise your vibrations, there are thousands of songs to jam out to during your hot girl walk that will do just that.

Mentally plan what's next after your hot girl walk

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Your hot girl walk can only last so long. Whether you've chosen a quick 30-minute journey or you've sprung for a goal of 10,000 total steps, your walk will eventually come to an end. When it reaches its natural conclusion and you've arrived back at your doorstep, what's next for you?

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Planning what comes next after your hot girl walk can become the fun thing that you actually do during your walk. Thrive Global explains that planning ahead is great for stress management and mood-boosting. On top of that, planning ahead actually helps you save tons of time in the long haul. Instead of trying to navigate what's happening as it comes, it feels good to know what's around the corner. Skilled at Life says that planning ahead helps you become a more efficient human being. Having structure in life is paramount because time is our most valuable resource. We can get our money back, but we can't get our time back.

Think about the things you want to do when your hot girl walk is over. Are you excited to take a shower, order some yummy takeout, watch a new episode of your favorite show, and order a couple of new items from an online boutique? Make that mental checklist so you know what to look forward to.


How do you do a hot girl walk? ›

Hot-Girl Walkers are simply encouraged to get up, get out, and go for a long walk alone or with workout buddies, for the purposes of mental and physical health.

How long is a hot girl walk supposed to be? ›

Ideally, about four miles. And while you walk, you can think only of the following: Your goals. What you're grateful for. And how hot you are.

Who started the hot girl walk trend? ›

Created by Mia Lind, a preternaturally poised 23-year-old who exudes confidence and charm, the Hot Girl Walk emerged during lockdown when Lind was back home quarantining with her family instead of living it up in the dorms with her sorority sisters at the University of Southern California.

What is the definition of a hot girl walk? ›

Hot Girl Walk meaning: A “Hot Girl Walk” is a slang term and TikTok trend for a daily stroll. They're meant to help people get outside and get some exercise. Often shortened as HGW, some folks dress up for their Hot Girl Walks as they strut around the neighborhood.

How can I walk like attractive? ›

This article will tell you what research and body language say about a powerful, confident and sexy walk.
  1. Move Your Shoulders.
  2. Pace Your Walk With Your Arms.
  3. Splay Your Legs.
  4. Walk With Erect Posture.
  5. Splay Your Feet Outward.
  6. Keep Your Gaze Up. Straight and Focused. ...
  7. Smile Slightly.
  8. A Walk To Pick Up. Walk Past Her.

What does a feminine walk look like? ›

Traditionally, men tend to carry their shoulders more parallel to their bodies than women. Standing straight with your shoulders back, helps you sway your arms around your hips and create a more traditionally feminine walk.

Are hot girl walks effective? ›

An exercise trend called the “Hot Girl Walk” is blowing up on TikTok. It was inspired during the pandemic by fitness influencer Mia Lind, a college student. The walk combines elements of exercise and positive thinking. Experts say it may be an effective way to boost both physical and mental health.

Does walking make you attractive? ›

The magical formula for beauty could be in your walk. Attractiveness is about more than just body shape and facial features — it is also about the way people move. Women who sway their hips while walking increase their perceived attractiveness by 50%, research finds.

How do girls walk stylish? ›

Drop your shoulders down and move your shoulder blades an inch closer together on your back to open your chest. As you walk, allow your hips to sway gently from side to side. Lift your thigh slightly and set your foot down in front of you from heel to toe. Keep a slow, steady pace as you go for a more confident stride.

How many miles is 10000 steps? ›

An average person has a stride length of approximately 2.1 to 2.5 feet. That means that it takes over 2,000 steps to walk one mile and 10,000 steps would be almost 5 miles.

What is a rich mom walk? ›

Another Tinx hallmark is the “rich mom walk,” which is … a walk, furthering the notion that wellness and the time for self-care are the truest luxury of all. Chriselle Lim (2.7 million TikTok followers) also has a continued “Rich Mom” bit, though it satirizes the realm of more traditional definitions of luxury.

What does hot girl mean to a guy? ›

Hot girl tends to connote a “chick” or “babe,” the kind of woman some men talk about wanting to have sex with but not wanting a deeper relationship with, often because hot girls are portrayed as ditzy, high-maintenance, or promiscuous.

Is the that girl trend toxic? ›

While the that girl trend isn't as obviously damaging, it's only because of our recent awareness around mental health that this content is marketed as aspirational 'self-care' rather than toxic thinspo content. The premise of that girl is, ostensibly, to inspire.

What makes a models walk good? ›

When walking, your back should be straight, core tight, and shoulders back and down – but in a relaxed, not a forced, way. As you walk, your arms should swing slightly and you should keep your hands relaxed. This will help you keep a strong pace. Don't move your hips too much, they should stay straight.

How can I make my walk more interesting? ›

Make getting out of the door less of a chore
  1. Challenge (and reward) yourself. If you walk the same route every day set yourself small challenges. ...
  2. Add a workout section to your walk. ...
  3. Play walking bingo. ...
  4. Walk somewhere unknown. ...
  5. Download a walking app. ...
  6. Invite your friends virtually. ...
  7. Join a 'live' walk. ...
  8. Walk on different textures.
11 Nov 2020

How can I look more physically attractive? ›

“Specifically, the most attractive physical features fall under 'self-care'—things like good grooming, clean hair, nice fitting and quality clothing, good posture, and healthy weight.” We are more likely to search out a partner who is healthy and strong (which mean good genes), as well as capable of taking care of ...

How can I talk attractive? ›

And for those of you out there hoping to put out some good vibes, there are definitely ways to make yourself more attractive in conversation.
Conversation Tips That Can Help You Charm Everyone
  1. Mimic. ...
  2. Smile With Your Eyes. ...
  3. Watch Your Body Language. ...
  4. Be Engaged. ...
  5. Act Confident. ...
  6. Make Eye Contact. ...
  7. Know Your Audience. ...
  8. Use Names.
26 May 2016

What side of a man should a woman walk on? ›

We decided we should ask you. A: Yes, this is an interesting question with an interesting history behind the original etiquette rule of: The lady walks on the right side of the gentleman.

What does walking do to a woman's body? ›

Know the benefits

Maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat. Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Improve cardiovascular fitness. Strengthen your bones and muscles.

How do I know if I'm attractive? ›

To know for sure if you're attractive, look out for the following signs.
  1. 1) People are drawn to you. ...
  2. 2) People contact you out of the blue. ...
  3. 3) Men protect you. ...
  4. 4) People are shocked when you can't take compliments. ...
  5. 6) People like your smile. ...
  6. 7) Men act awkward around you. ...
  7. 8) Men are hot and cold toward you.

Are muscles attractive on a girl? ›

Muscles are indicators of health and fitness.

They found that overall, men and women think bigger muscles are more attractive than smaller ones.

What does it mean when a woman sways her hips? ›

She'll Roll Her Hips

Women naturally have wider hips than men, and a woman who is attracted to you might sway her hips back and forth more than normal. The back-and-forth motion can easily be seen when walking, especially if a woman goes to the restroom (she'll likely assume you're watching).

Why do models cross their legs when they walk? ›

Mostly used by models, who are by definition tall and slender, the crossed legs is the standing sister of seated crossed legs. The pose can make a dress of any length look demure – even the shortest of minis – and by a trick of the eye, makes the legs look half the width.

How does a confident woman walk? ›

To walk with confidence, stand up straight and keep your shoulders back to maintain good posture. You should also keep a smile on your face to project confidence and make yourself seem more approachable. Additionally, remember to keep your arms loose at your sides and swing them slightly while you walk.

How can I walk like a model without heels? ›

To walk like a catwalk model, stand up as straight as you possibly can, imagining that there is an invisible string holding you up from your spine to the top of your head. Place one foot in front of the other and walk with long, smooth strides, and keep your arms at your sides with your hands relaxed.

How many steps burns 500 calories? ›

It takes 20 steps to burn 1 calorie, therefore walking 10,000 steps burns off about 500 calories, which can then be added to your total calorie budget for the day. The recommended daily calorie requirement is 1,800 for an average female and 2,200 for an average male.

How many calories does 3000 steps Burn? ›

Height 6 Feet and Above
2,000 Steps per Mile (Height 6 Feet and Above) Calories Burned by Step Count and Weight
18 more rows
2 Nov 2022

How many calories is 1000 steps? ›

Most people burn around 30-40 calories per 1,000 steps, which means they will burn around 300-400 calories by walking 10,000 steps.

Who is rich mom on TikTok? ›

"Rich Mom" isn't exactly real, but a heightened, tongue-in-cheek online persona by long-time influencer, Chriselle Lim.

Why is Tinx famous? ›

She began posting on TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic and has dubbed herself "TikTok's older sister" due to her advice about relationships and mental health. She is known for her content around dating advice, celebrity commentary, and "starter packs for rich moms".

How can a woman look sexier? ›

10 Tips That Will Make a Women Look Sexy to a Man
  1. Be Confident! ...
  2. Women look sexy when they make eye contact. ...
  3. Make-up. ...
  4. You look super sexy when you wear high heels. ...
  5. Humor, good attitude, smart talk. ...
  6. 6.Dress fashionably and trendy. ...
  7. Smile. ...
  8. Take care of the figure to be firm, always look good and healthy.

How can a girl look more attractive? ›

50 Genius Ways to Be Instantly More Attractive
  1. Wear Red. Who knew color could make such a big difference in your level of attractiveness? ...
  2. Show Off Your Hips. ...
  3. Make Yourself Look Taller. ...
  4. Highlight the Left Side of Your Face. ...
  5. Travel in Groups. ...
  6. Fill in Your Eyebrows. ...
  7. Put On Some Sunglasses. ...
  8. Walk With a Swagger.
9 Oct 2018

What qualities make a girl hot? ›

Qualities like mystery and the ability to make a partner laugh, long thought of as core, accepted sexy factors, are out (7 in 10 women reported that they can make themselves laugh, thankyouverymuch).
The top 10 sexy characteristics:
  • Vulnerability.
  • Courage.
  • Individuality.
  • Beauty.
  • Honesty.
  • Ambition.
  • Spontaneity.
  • Spirituality.
27 Jan 2015

Why do people pimp walk? ›

Swaggering is an ostentatious style of walking affected by someone wishing to assert their dominance. It is also a form of machismo or sexual display which takes up more space than needed for simple motion.

How do girls walk in public? ›

Here are five tips that will help you when it comes to how to approach a girl in public with greater success.
  1. Walk Tall. One of the easiest ways to display the sort of outward confidence you need when approaching women is to walk tall. ...
  2. Approach Immediately. ...
  3. Don't Over Think It. ...
  4. Using Body Language. ...
  5. Getting Her Number.

How is that girl Toxic? ›

The “That girl” trend romanticizes girls needing to have their lives together. When that might not always be the case. It's quite impossible to always have your life together. It sets an unrealistic standard for girls to think that if they aren't waking up early to exercise, their lives are not put together.

What is the material girl thing? ›

The TikTok trend emerged in fall 2021 when people started attaching the track to their videos. The trend is associated with posting content that portray someone to prioritize material possessions. The material girl trend also puts an emphasis on luxury items and living a luxurious lifestyle.

Does the hot girl walk actually work? ›

A 2022 study even found that “brisk” walking could help to slow the biological ageing process. But the hot girl walking trend goes beyond just the physical side of things. It's also about improving mental health and self-esteem through mindfulness and positive thinking – and, of course, an hour-long break from screens.

How do you have a feminine walk? ›

Traditionally, men tend to carry their shoulders more parallel to their bodies than women. Standing straight with your shoulders back, helps you sway your arms around your hips and create a more traditionally feminine walk. Put your chest forward.

Which side should a woman walk on? ›

We decided we should ask you. A: Yes, this is an interesting question with an interesting history behind the original etiquette rule of: The lady walks on the right side of the gentleman.

How do you walk like a confident woman? ›

To walk with confidence, stand up straight and keep your shoulders back to maintain good posture. You should also keep a smile on your face to project confidence and make yourself seem more approachable. Additionally, remember to keep your arms loose at your sides and swing them slightly while you walk.

What are the 4 types of walking? ›

While working out you can incorporate a mix of these types of walking workouts to improve your overall health:
  • Power walking. This workout is done at a quick jogging pace and uses rigorous arm swings to build cardiovascular endurance and total-body strength. ...
  • Chi Walking. ...
  • Brisk walking. ...
  • Marathon Walking. ...
  • Stroll Walking.
4 Apr 2021

What are 10 tips for walking? ›

General walking tips

Warm-up activity – start slowly, do a few warm-up exercises and stretches first. Don't walk immediately after a big meal. Build activity slowly – start with a 20 minute walk then increase gradually. Try to walk at least three times per week.


1. Jeremih ft. Stefflon Don, Krept & Konan - London (Official Video)
2. 702 - Where My Girls At
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5. Billy Joel - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me (Official Video)
(Billy Joel)
6. The Cardigans - My Favourite Game “Walkaway Version”

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