Chapter 3, Act 1: Through the Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark - Genshin Impact Wiki Guide - IGN (2023)

Delve into the mysteries of the Sumeru region with the first Genshin Impact 3.0 Sumeru Archon quest, Through the Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark. Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark is the first main mission in Genshin Impact's Sumeru region and arrived in the game with the big Genshin Impact 3.0 update. This guide is a complete walkthrough of Chapter III: Act 1, including how to get to Sumeru, notes on collectibles and new mechanics, and tips for making it through combat encounters.

Be sure to have completed Chapter 2, Act 4: Requiem of the Echoing Depths before you try to find how to start this quest.


Sumeru Archon Quest

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  • A Forest of Change
  • How to Get to Sumeru
  • Further Observation
  • Chronic Illness
  • Silent Seeker of Knowledge
  • The Trail of the God of Wisdom

If you're planning to spend some Primogems on the new Sumeru banners, brush up on all things Tighnari, Collei, and Dori so you know which one is right for you!

A Forest of Change

The Traveler and Paimon's adventure to meet all the nation's archons continues with Sumeru. To begin, you'll have to travel to Sumeru for the first time.

How to Get to Sumeru


Sumeru is west of Liyue and is accessible through The Chasm. If you haven't explored The Chasm yet, you'll need to go as far west in the Chasm to the waypoint at Cinnabar Cliff:

For Travelers who have already adventured through The Chasm, you can simply fast travel to the point shown above at Cinnabar Cliff. Upon reaching this spot you'll see an open mine shaft. Proceed through it and cross the broken bridge.

You'll know you're in the right spot when you see a Seelie guiding you forward and the terrain changing to take on a more luscious quality. If you look to the right not long after meeting the Seelie, you may spot a small Shroomboar in some tall grass. If you slay it, it'll drop one raw meat and one mushroom.

Continue forward and you'll hear the music change and get a popup for a new traversal mechanic, the Four-Leaf Sigil. Four-petaled flowers will sometimes float in random areas around Sumeru.


If you look up at them from a distance you'll get a prompt to connect with them, flinging your character into the sky. This can help you move faster between areas or get to spots that are harder to reach. Close the notice and continue to the golden quest marker.

  • Learn more about Four-Leaf Sigils in our How to Use Four-Leaf Sigils Guide.

A conversation scene kicks off with Paimon and the Traveler getting their bearings of the area and discussing Lesser Lord Kusanali. A Sumeru resident walks by and oddly ignores Paimon's requests for help with directions.

At this point, you can follow the individual to the left to the waterfall or run up and claim the Statue of the Seven. The former will enter you into a string of conversation scenes.

Upon reaching the marker by the waterfall for the mission, Traveler and Paimon go to confront the person only for the Traveler to have an adverse reaction to the incense burning in the cave.

This leads to a short, mysterious cutscene featuring a beautiful, important-looking tree that's seemingly in danger. The words "...World… Forget me…" are all the Traveler hears before waking up to Paimon and Collei in Gandharva Ville, the Forest Rangers' Base of Operations.


After a brief introduction to Tighnari, Traveler and Paimon confirm there's something suspicious happening and need to do more research. But first, Traveler needs rest. This will automatically happen and push you to the next mission.

Completion Rewards:

  • x2 Hero's Wit

Further Observation

Traveler is up and you're free to wander again! Your objective here is to find and talk to Collei. You can explore the area instead of proceeding with the Archon Quest.

When you're ready to talk to Collei, you'll find her at the highest building in Gandharva Ville talking with Tighnari.

He's headed out on a more intensive patrol, leaving you and Collei to do some routine work. Collei's patrol includes checking lamps along the main path leading to Gandharva, cleaning the Statue of the Seven, and other general patrolling duties.


Follow the golden marker down the path to join Collei in checking the lamps. The first lamp is right next to your first Sumeru Viewpoint. After grabbing that, you can also climb up the structure just above the viewpoint to grab what may be your first Dendroculus.

If you haven't already, you can also use the Four-Leaf Sigil to earn the achievement Kara's Child and earn 5 Primogems.

To use the Four-Leaf Sigil, you'll need to stand a little ways away from it and follow the mapped prompt on your screen (this may be a left bumper paired with another button if you're playing with a controller) to pull yourself up to the Dendroculus. Alternatively, you can use any Elemental Skill that gives your team some extra elevation (Geo Traveler, Albedo, Zhongli, Kazuha, to name a few) to grab the Dendroculus quickly.

The next lamp is not far from the first on the left side of the path, and the final lamp you'll check with Collei is next to two pots on the right side of the path, a little further forward. With all three lamps checked, meet with Collei at the clearing below the Statue of the Seven. Here you'll have the opportunity to hear Collei talk a little more about her past, her relationship with Amber, and the Greater and Lesser Dendro Archons.

With that conversation done, the next chore you'll need to complete is cleaning the Statue of the Seven while Collei patrols elsewhere. You can talk to her for a quick additional line of dialogue. Climb up to the Statue of the Seven (or teleport to it if you have it claimed and don't feel like climbing) and the Traveler and Paimon automatically start cleaning the statue upon approaching it – no Anemo skill required!

After Traveler and Paimon's conversation, meet back up with Collei on the path for another conversation about food and Tighnari. This conversation unfortunately doesn't go as well and leaves Paimon rather frazzled.


With Collei gone, make your way back up the path to Gandharva Ville. You'll see a golden marker on the path just past the traveling merchant, Darina. If you talk to her she'll tell you a little bit about the Sumeru desert's origins.

The ranger Tighnari was speaking to earlier, Nasrin, will greet you upon reaching the golden marker. It seems Collei has retired to her room for the night. You'll need to wait until at least 08:00 AM the following day to meet with her again.

Use the main pause menu to skip forward in time. The next morning you'll see a golden path leading to a hut where Tighnari is standing outside the door. Use your glider to fly over and approach the golden marker to start the next part of this chapter.

Chronic Illness

Tighnari informs Paimon and the Traveler that Collei is unable to speak as she needs to rest. He asks you follow him to a spot just below the hut so as to not disturb Collei. Follow the golden marker to a spot overlooking the water and prepare for another conversation.

Tighnari reveals that Collei's fatigue and occasional clumsiness are caused by an illness called Eleazar. This illness is unique to Sumeru and causes those afflicted with it to develop dark, hardened scales on their body. It can eventually escalate to cause peripheral paresthesia and eventually lead to a person no longer having control of their body. Tighnari delves deeper into Collei's past at her wish, informing the Traveler and Paimon that she had a traumatic experience with the Fatui and their Harbinger, The Doctor.


(Video) Genshin Impact: How to Destroy the Withering Zones

At the end of the conversation, Tighnari resolves to go hunt some plants for more medicine. The Traveler and Paimon volunteer to assist, making collecting Lunar Lotus, or Nilotpala Lotus, next on the to-do list.

To find the Lunar Lotuses, all you'll need to do is follow the golden marker northwest up the river. While you're here don't forget to collect Sumeru regional specialties like the Sumeru Rose and other plants as you see them, just so you can start your stockpile. If you haven't explored much yet, you may also come across Clusterleaves of Cultivation that scatter convenient Four-Leaf Sigils when they're hit by a Dendro attack or skill.

There are also Bouncy Mushrooms, special mushrooms you can jump on to get higher faster. If it's hit with an Electro attack or skill, it'll bounce you higher. Alternatively, if it's hit with Pyro, it'll wilt. It can be revived, though!

Follow the river northwest and you'll find the next golden quest marker on the west side of a pond. Tighnari requests 4 Lunar Lotuses. Walk into the water and collect the four you need (plus any remaining additional lotuses for your stockpile). Return to the shore to regroup with Tighnari.

Another conversation starts but this time the Traveler, Paimon, and Tighnari are joined by two seemingly frazzled forest rangers in need ot Tighnari's immediate assistance. Approach Amir to enter the next part of the conversation. Nasrin and Amir report they've found another Withering Zone, a new kind of combat challenge found in Sumeru. After a bit of back and forth, the Traveler is invited to assist Tighnari in combating the corrosive threat.

Run east from your location to the golden marker to reach the outskirts of the Withering Zone.

The Withering - First Encounter


To destroy a Withering Zone, you're going to need to find and destroy the Tumor of the Withering. This is the tall red plant with a red bulb in the base. But before you can destroy it, you'll need to destroy three Withering Branches. Withering Zones have another major danger aside from potentially stronger monsters: Decay.

Much like Sheer Cold in Dragonspine or Balethunder in Inazuma, The Withering delivers a growing debuff if your team isn't prepared. The Withering's damage type is called Decay.

Decay reduces All Elemental Resistance, Physical Resistance, and Max HP.

Each stack of Decay will further reduce all these resistances and your characters' Max HP, making it easier for enemies to dish out tons of damage. You can track your Decay buildup by a red bar that sits above the health bar.

Two bars of Decay are automatically applied whenever you enter a Withering Zone and cannot be cleared. If the Decay bar fills completely your team will faint.

Your team accumulates Decay by taking damage from enemies in Withering Zones, Withering Branches, and occasional Withering nodes that periodically shoot Decay. Not all enemy attacks stack Decay, but the ones that do will apply a stack of Decay whether or not you have a shield up.


To remove or prevent the buildup of Decay, you can activate and stand by Candles of Life or collect Flames of Life that spawn periodically in more challenging Withering Zones. Collecting Dendrograna does not reduce Decay.

Here's what you need to do to destroy a Withering Zone:

  1. Collect Dendrograna. Locations hosting the Dendrogranum often look like broken tree trunks with a green orb inside. Approach and collect it.
  2. Use a charged attack or an aimed shot on one of the Withering Branches while you have the Dendrograna. In this particular encounter there are three Withering Branches. It's almost always more convenient to clear Withering Branches with an archer as you only need to aim to fire a Dendrograna whereas you'll need to charge your attack for every other weapon. The range from a bow also means you can knock out the Withering Branches from a safe distance then worry about the enemies after.
  3. Repeat collecting Dendrograna if you run out and attack Withering Branch until all three are destroyed.

Note that when you attack a Withering Branch, it may explode or target your team with a shot that will cause Decay and do damage. The Withering Branches can be destroyed in any order.

Here is the first Withering Branch, just past the entrance to The Withering Zone:

The second Withering Branch is also along the water, not far from the first Withering Branch:


The third Withering Branch is elevated near large tree roots on a hill:

With all three destroyed, a Disciple of Decay will spawn to try and protect the Tumor of the Withering. In this instance it's a Hydroshroom. Collect and use Dendrograna or use Dendro attacks to break its Withering shield. You must slay the Disciple of Decay in order to destroy the Tumor of the Withering.

With the Hydroshroom out of the way, approach the Tumor of the Withering and input the button press to destroy it. You don't need to attack it with Dendrograna.

The Withering Zone is cleared, Tighnari is more willing to talk. He revealed how The Withering is mysteriously causing Collei and others' conditions to worsen. He also tells the Traveler and Paimon about Irminsul, an underground tree that's connected to Ley Lines and the memories of the world. The Dendro Archon is said to have a special connection with it. It's also what the Traveler saw in their vision earlier in the chapter.

After you've completed the conversation, return to Gandharva Ville either by teleporting or walking to catch up again with Tighnari and the other forest rangers. Not long after arriving, a bird shows up with a note from Haypasia, the scholar who ignored Paimon earlier, asking for help. Tighnari gives the Traveler provisions for Haypasia along with a letter that needs to be delivered to her.


Go and Rescue Haypasia

Return to Haypasia in the cave the Traveler passed out in earlier in the chapter. You can get there faster by fast traveling to the Statue of the Seven.

Approach the golden quest marker at the entrance to the cave. Haypasia is nowhere to be seen. Paimon drifts off, but Traveler continues inward... Only to see a strange little creature! It disappears and Paimon returns.

Silent Seeker of Knowledge

A quest for water suddenly turns into a Domain quest. There are 4 chests to find in this Domain. All have been noted with a checkmark item so that you may track which you've collected.

Step into the fog and traverse down the tree branch. After you walk under the yellow hanging object, you can go straight or take a hidden path on the right to fight Hilichurl. You'll go down both paths eventually, so take whichever path is best for you.


If you continue straight on, you'll encounter three shrooms guarding a common chest: a whirling Electro fungus, whirling Cryo fungus, and stretch Pyro fungus. The stretchy Pyro fungus acts similar to large slime. It'll jump into the air and essentially ground pound a targeted area that's shown by a red circle. These three will likely be wet from the water around the ground they're standing on, so be sure to make use of that! Defeat these three and claim the following rewards from the common chest.

  • Adventurer's Bandana
  • x2 Adventurer's Experience
  • x10 Adventure EXP
  • x1 Dendro Sigil
  • x906 Mora
  • 2 Primogems

Try to get to the special cave

Your next objective is to open the door that's sealed by finding three Primeval Rosin. These can be collected in any order, but we've listed them in the order we approached them.

Don't forget to pick up the chests in this area for extra Primogems and other rewards.

Primeval Rosin Location 1


You'll get to this Primeval Rosin by climbing up the hollow tree by bouncing on the mushrooms and using the Four-Leaf Sigil. You'll see a golden glowing item on a platform just south of the locked door. This is one of three Primeval Rosin.

With the Primeval Rosin collected, deposit it at the door then turn around. You should be facing west. From this perspective, you can see another chest waiting on a platform that has a convenient Four-Leaf Sigil next to it.

(Video) Silent Seeker of Knowledge Domain Quest Genshin Impact

Go ahead and collect the contents of this common Chest while you're here. You can collect this at any time, of course, just don't forget it!


  • Instructor's Cap
  • Beginner's Protector
  • x3 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • x10 Adventure EXP
  • x1 Dendro Sigil
  • x974 Mora
  • x2 Primogem

Primeval Rosin Location 2

If you're following the golden marker to "try to get to the special cave," it'll likely lead you to the eastern corridor from the main room. This one has a dreamcatcher-like talisman hanging at the entrance.

Walk through it until you're teleported to another space.

"Investigate the quaint room" is your new objective. Walk forward and down the stairs until you drop down to another ruined floor of what looks like an Inazuma building. Before proceeding, open the Common Chest that's sitting in the courtyard on the right.


  • x3 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • x1 Lucky Dog's Silver Circlet
  • x1 Apprentice's Notes
  • x10 Adventure EXP
  • x1 Dendro Sigil
  • x923 Mora
  • x2 Primogem

With the chest collected, cross the threshold into the next room to be teleported to another space. You've been delivered to the next Primeval Rosin!

Collect the Primeval Rosin and the door just beyond will disappear. Now you can scale the tree's main corridor and deliver the Primeval Rosin to the door.

Primeval Rosin Location 3

This Primeval Rosin can be found past the Hilichurl room. You can get here through the slightly hidden path that split from the entrance corridor or through the opening on the southwest side of the main hollowed area. The entrance is near one of the brown moving platforms.

Regardless of how you enter, you'll come across several Hilichurl including a Dendro Samachurl and a Blazing Axe Mitachurl.


Try to eliminate the annoying Samachurl first to prevent it from raising the thorns then take care of the rest as you will. After they're defeated, five enemy reinforcements arrive including another Blazing Axe Mitachurl. Take them out and break the boxes nearby for their cabbages and other cooking materials. Defeating all enemies also unlocks the Exquisite Chest. If you accidentally jumped through the Dendro portal before grabbing it you can come back to this room later.

  • x1 Hero's Wit
  • x1 Instructor's Cap
  • x1 Instructor's Feather Accessory
  • x1 Teachings of Admonition
  • x20 Adventure EXP
  • x2 Dendro Sigil
  • x1260 Mora
  • x5 Primogem

If you haven't already, enter the Dendro portal to be transported to another area. You'll find the next Primeval Rosin in this flower bud. Collect it, then walk toward the door. Just as you get to the edge of the petal's walking space, look toward the door and use the Four-Leaf Sigil to exit the flower bud.

With the Primeval Rosin collected you can return to the main chamber of the domain and deposit it at the door.


With all three Primeval Rosin collected, you can activate the barrier and the door will disappear, allowing you to pass. This is a point of no return for the Domain, so don't forget to collect the chests if you missed any.

Pass through the door and you'll be transported to a new space.

Investigate the courtyard far down the corridor

You're in a new Inazuma building, but this one is looking more put together than the one from before. Walk down the hall to a room with a courtyard. The camera will briefly shift to highlight the courtyard. Walk forward and stand on the golden point on the right side of the space looking out into the courtyard. This is a perspective puzzle that requires you to line up two golden markings to create one image. Both markings are on stones that can be seen from the golden spot. Line them up and the door on the north side of the room will open.

Proceed through the door and walk onto the lift. Continue down the hallway and you'll be transported into another space.

Use the Four-Leaf Sigil to bounce to the middle platform then use the one across the water to the back of the room. Look up and you'll spot one more Four-Leaf Sigil to pull up to. Do so and you'll find yourself in a fight.


Waiting atop the flower for the Traveler is, oddly, an Abyss Herald, Confidante to the "Omen." This Abyss Herald specializes in Hydro as you've seen before and attacks with frantic slashing when up close, ranged dagger tosses, and a rolling, wheel-like attack to close the distance.

Each of The Abyss Herald's attacks is telegraphed well as they always are and there isn't anything inherently different about this Abyss Herald and the others you've fought before. When their health is knocked down to about a fifth it'll pull up its shield and do a massive AOE attack. Continue to do damage until you get pulled into a scene.

After the scene, you'll find yourself back in the cave with Paimon and Haypasia. Unfortunately for Haypasia, all her food is on the floor. As the scene plays through you'll learn more about the "neighbors" and Haypasia's studies.

Paimon and Haypasia agree it's time for some solid food and you're up to bat again to cook. About face and approach the cooking setup back at the front of the cave. Light the first with a character's Pyro attack or skill and instead of selecting "Cook" like normal, select "Make Box Lunch." This is a special meal, after all. Even better, you won't use any of your resources for this part of the quest!

With the Box Lunch cooked, return to Haypasia and submit the meal to her. At this point Traveler and Haypasia will talk more about the Akademiya, Irminsul, Haypaisa's studies as a member of the Rtawahist Darshan, and dreams.


When the cutscene concludes and you're instructed to go back to Gandharva Ville, you can leave or talk to Haypaisa a bit more about dreams, Irminsul, and Haypasia's "unusual neighbor."

There are plenty of new NPCs lingering between the cave and Gandharva Ville now. You can meet Eremite Mercenaries, merchants, and others. When you're ready to continue the story head back to Gandharva Ville. You'll find the golden quest marker in front of Gandharva Ville's largest building.

Upon approach, you'll enter another cutscene where Tighnari argues with a researcher and sage from Sumeru City. The Akademiya are asking Tighnari to join them in Sumeru City to assist in researching a cure for Irminsul, but Tighnari denies their requests in favor of continuing his work as a forest ranger. Tighnari may want to stay in Gandharva Ville, but Traveler and Paimon are ready to go! Tignari can't help much in your quest to find the Dendro Archon and writes a letter of recommendation for one of his research acquaintances who may have some information. Tighnari also gives the Traveler an Akasha Terminal that can be used in Sumeru City.

There's one final task before you can leave: say farewell to Collei. She's on the path just past the north crossing, waiting to see off Traveler and Paimon. Approach her to enter another conversation.

Collei gives Traveler and Paimon a parting gift: your first Sumeru recipe, Pita Pockets! With the conversation over you can go back and talk to Collei a little more about how she's feeling and the Pita Pockets, but otherwise you're free to head to Sumeru City.

Completion Rewards:


  • Pita Pockets Recipe
  • x30 Primogem
  • x2 Hero's Wit
  • x625 Adventure EXP
  • x25450 Mora
  • x4 Mystic Enhancement Ore

The Trail of the God of Wisdom

Traveler and Paimon have finally made their way to Sumeru City. The goal now is to find any and all information about the Dendro Archon. Approach the main city gate marked by the golden quest marker when you're ready.

The two travel buddies approach and are greeted by Panah who gives both Paimon and Traveler an Akasha Terminal, a unique device that works best in Sumeru City and Port Ormos. Explore the answers it can offer regarding Lesser Lord Kusanali then it's time to find the researcher Tighnari recommended.

Walk up the street and take an immediate left to meet Tighnari's acquaintance.

You're pulled into another conversation with a man whose emotions are all over the place. Unfortunately, his Akasha access isn't any more helpful than Paimon's. Rohawi explains that the Dendro Archon is a bit of a shut-in, similar to another Archon we've encountered. Finding more about her is going to require more conversations, but this time with a seemingly omnipresent friend.


Walk back down the main street and head west to get to the Adventurer's Guild. Stop by the Teleport Waypoint, claim it, then walk up the ramp that leads to the Sumeru Adventurer's Guide booth and Katheryne on Treasures Street. You'll be launched into a conversation as soon as you approach the golden quest marker.

Unfortunately, Katheryne also doesn't have any information for you, but Katheryne does know of a potential next lead. Your next destination is The Eremites' Corps of Thirty's headquarters, the Citadel of Regzar.

(Video) Sumeru Chapter 3 Act 2 Archon Quest! Genshin Impact 3.0

You'll find it on the northeastern side of Sumeru City. Walk through the city streets until you make your way to the Citadel of Regzar and approach to meet Asfand.

He tells Traveler and Paimon a little more about the beliefs of the Eremites, the Akademia, and unfortunately, very little about Lesser Lord Kusanali. The Dendro Archon is an enigma.

Traveler and Paimon continue their hunt for information almost seems impossible until they suddenly meet Dunyarzad, a dedicated follower of Lesser Lord Kusanali.


She relays a legend about the Dendro Archon before having to suddenly split. It seems mercenaries are looking for her. Paimon gives them the wrong directions, giving you the opportunity to find Dunyarzad by the Sumeru Souvenir shop. Approach and enter another conversation.

It seems she's suffering from injuries and needs to lie low. Join her at the tavern near the Teleport Waypoint when you're ready to continue the story.

Before entering the tavern, be sure to pick up the Radiant Spincrystal (80) to the right of the entrance.

Upon entering you're pulled into another conversation scene and are nearly attacked by a woman named Dehya, Dunyarzad's bodyguard. It seems Dunyarzad's run away from home and the mercenaries who were looking for her were just trying to bring her home. It seems like a complicated situation you've fallen into, but it seems like you'll hear more information from Lesser Lord Kusanali after all.

Walk further into the tavern to take a rest with Dunyarzad and Dehya. This conversation scene reveals more about Dunyarzad's illness and her connection to Lesser Lord Kusanali. It turns out Dunyarzad's looking for her too, in her own way.


She's working with someone called Nilou to get the Sabzeruz Festival funded. The festival is a celebration of Lesser Lord Kusanali's birthday and isn't supported by the Akademiya.

After the conversation ends you're tasked with meeting Dunyarzad and Dehya in the Grand Bazaar. Consider stopping by the tavern owner to purchase new recipes for Lambad Fish Roll, Minty Bean Soup, and Shawarma Wrap before departing if you haven't done so already.

The Grand Bazaar is up the hill and down some stairs across from the Citadel of Regzar. The doors to the Grand Bazaar will automatically open for you. Proceed and you'll enter another conversation scene that introduced Nilou. Approach the stage when you're ready to continue to the next conversation scene.

It seems Nilou and others had to a fair number of repairs to the Grand Bazaar's stage in order to get it into a safe condition. The Akademiya doesn't value the arts, leaving the theater company largely unfunded. The conversation continues and Nilou tells the story of the celebration's origin, the Dance of Sabzeruz, and pleasant times between the gods of Sumeru. Dunyarzad and Nilou will step away to review decorations, giving you time to chat with folks around the Grand Bazaar who also have experience with the festival. You'll need to chat with these five individuals, all of who are marked on your minimap and map:


After talking to all five individuals you'll see a peculiar sight. Dehya will approach with a potential new lead for meeting the Dendro Archon. Make your way back to the Citadel of Regzar to meet her. When you do, you'll learn in another conversation scene that something important to the Akademiya was stolen and is allegedly in Port Ormos, making it your next destination.

Completion Rewards:

  • x3 Hero's Wit
  • x700 Adventure EXP
  • x27875 Mora
  • x5 Mistic Enhancement Ore

Lost in Prosperity

To kick off this mission, head to Port Ormos. If you haven't unlocked much of the map yet, make your way to Sumeru's southern Statue of the Seven and continue adventuring south from there. Make your way into Port Ormos and walk to the golden quest marker.


Your first task in Port Ormos is questioning a tailor, Elham. She'll tell you a little bit about the Akademiya students and Port Ormos.

Next, walk to the nearby golden marker to listen in on the Akademiya students' conversation. Ayn Al-Ahmar, the Eremite group in support of the Scarlet King, seemingly has information and potentially even the stolen item. Walk southeast down the road and take the path on the right through the cave to walk to Djafar Tavern. Walk into the golden quest marker and then follow the next that leads up the tavern stairs to take a seat and wait for the members of Ayn Al-Ahmar.

The two members cite the Caracal Battalion as a potential point of competition and mention Greater Lord Rukkhedevata is a traitor to the Scarlet King. Interesting. Once they've finished talking, approach the two you were listening in on and inform them you're a student. They'll ask for money and you'll want to go ahead and "give them" the 500,000 Mora, to Paimon's dismay.

Continue talking to Tariq and he'll tell the story of how the Scarlet King was allegedly the rightful God of Wisdom and betrayed by Rukkhedevata. A man called Alhaitham walks up and reveals Tariq is just trying to scam people out of their hard-earned Mora by promising information and an item, only to offer nothing in the end.

A fight is arranged between Alhaitham and the two men and Traveler's Mora is returned. With the conversion at an end, run around the tavern to catch up with Alhaitham.


It turns out Alhaitham knows exactly what you're looking for – a Knowledge Capsule. These are canned knowledge, something that allows any person to peer into its knowledge stores and learn whatever is held in there. Alhaitham says they're usually supposed to be destroyed immediately after their purpose is fulfilled, but it seems that isn't always the case. There's more to explore here, but Alhaitham wants to talk in private.

Follow the golden quest marker down the dock to continue your conversation with Alhaitham when you're ready.

He offers to tell you more about the lost Knowledge Capsule if you find a person named Dori for him. You'll need to earn her trust through your pocketbook – thankfully funded by Alhaitham. And any leftover goes to you too!

Alhaitham also warns you about "Matra," the Akademiya's knowledge police essentially. They're on the lookout for illegal knowledge capsule transactions, so steer clear of them. Alhaitham also gives you an Informant Code Chart (replicated below) that you'll need to use to get to Dori. Be sure to take a look at it before you start this next part of the quest.

When you're ready, head to the golden quest marker in Old Ormos, just down the way from the dock.

Informant Code Chart:


Informant CodeMeaning
Looking to buy unripe Harra FruitsAsk the informant to take you to Dori
Wear a Mourning Flower Looking to buy Canned Knowledge
Wear a Sumeru RoseLooking to buy products legally available on the market
Rishboland TigerMatra
Taken by a Rishboland TigerConfiscated by Matra
Pack in Sumer City styleTo purchase a small amount
Pack in Ormos styleTo purchase in bulk
Complimenting "a customer of skill""Harra Fruit that causes dizziness and ringing in the ears."
Complimenting "a customer of erudition""Harra Fruit that causes heatstroke."

Informant Answers

Approach Latish and you'll receive your first test.

Answer: Tap to Reveal

With that done, follow Raunak. Paimon will do the coded talking until you get to the warehouse.

Use the following answers in the conversation with Raunak or you'll lose trust and risk restarting the conversation if you lose all his trust completely:

Raunak answers:


  • Answer 1 - Tap to Reveal
  • Answer 2 - Tap to Reveal
  • Answer 3 - Tap to Reveal

Matra – or Rishboland Tiger as he should have said – are near. Raunak takes off and you've gotta run after him! Follow him up the various ramps (and collect the Teleport Waypoint on the way up if you haven't already) until you finally cross a bridge and are called over by someone using the Rishboland Tiger codeword.

Approach the golden quest marker and you'll meet your next key Sumeru character: Dori!

Seems like the mice didn't take off with everything in her trove of Canned Knowledge after all. During this conversation, the Traveler automatically uses elemental sight and picks the best Canned Knowledge so you won't have to worry about doing it yourself. When the extra deal rolls around Paimon will pressure you into doing it since it's really at no cost to you. It's one of those situations where all options result in the same outcome. With that conversation over, this Act 1 quest is complete.

Completion Rewards:

  • x1 Canned Knowledge: Swordfighting Techniques VIII"
  • x2 Hero's Wit
  • x625 Adventure EXP
  • x25450 Mora
  • x4 Mystic Enhancement Ore


(Video) Version 3.0 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Ever So Close

With the Canned Knowledge safely tucked away, make your way to Wikala Funduq to meet with Alhaitham. Approach and you'll begin the conversation scene. It turns out Alhaitham is also interested in the Divine Knowledge Capsule as are many other groups. Funds are a big part of the problem for most groups as there's a secret auction taking place soon for the Divine Knowledge Capsule. No one will know who wins it aside from the winners and those holding the auction. Though Alhaitham has made many alliances with bidders so that he may study the Capsule, he isn't confident that he'll get his chance with the Capsule unless he's certain of its location. Alhaitham wants to use Dori to find out the Divine Knowledge Capsule's whereabouts, meaning you've gotta keep up with Dori.

Before that, though, Paimon wants to see what's all the fuss with Canned Knowledge. Alhaitham agrees to show you how to use it, but you've gotta get outta view of potential Matra to do it. Take a look at your map and head north of Port Ormos out in the wilderness to meet Alhaitham.

Walk into the golden quest marker and you'll start a training session with Alhaitham.

To see just how effective the Canned Knowledge is, you'll need to do two rounds of tests. First, you're sent to fight two sets of lower-level Shrooms. Each set has three. Once the two waves are defeated, return to Alhaitham.

Now, he'll "activate" the Canned Knowledge, allowing you to use it on this second test. To use it, open your inventory and you'll see "Activated - Canned Knowledge" in your Quest item tab. Select the option to use it.


Traveler will have a short scene before you're permitted to take on the next test in earnest. This round has four lower-level shrooms in the first wave and four more in the second wave.

Unfortunately for your very skilled team, the overall fighting performance was only increased by…. 0.073%. It's at least a bit of a compliment to the Traveler's battle prowess. With that done, you'll need to wait two days until you can continue on to the next part of the quest. You can spend the time exploring and completing other activities, or simply pause and use the time function to fast forward two days. The clock should read "Wait Until 07:00 (or a little after) Day After Tomorrow."

Two days later you'll find Dori on the east side of Port Ormos, back in the corner where you originally met her. Dori reveals that she has worked her way into the auction site, but that it's going to cost a lot of Mora for the information you seek. Traveler pays with the Mora from Alhaitham, keeping your Mora safe. Dori will give you a photo showing the auction has already concluded and the person who won isn't favorable. Return to Wikala Funduq to deliver the news to Alhaitham.

Fortunately, Alhaitham and Traveler have a date with Ayn Al-Ahmar who are now in possession of the Divine Knowledge Capsule. Time passes on its own to the agreed-upon meeting time and the conversation scene ends. Go to the front of the lighthouse on the west side of Port Ormos to take the next steps in this quest.

Tariq and several Ayn Al-Ahmar members are waiting at the appointed time.

Exchange "pointed words" with two sets of Ayn Al-Ahmar grunts (unfortunately without Alhaitham). The first features two Eremite Crossbow and Tumart who is no more dangerous than any other grunt soldier.


When all three are defeated reinforcements will join the circle. The second wave features an Eremite Ravenbeak Halberdier, an Eremite Sword-Dancer, and Tariq, who like Tumart, acts just like any other grunt fighter though he's wielding a knife.

With the battle complete you'll be flung into an exciting cutscene featuring the effects of the Divine Knowledge Capsule on the Ayn Al-Ahmar boss.

Once it's all over, Alhaitham states his business in Port Ormos is over and he intends to return to the Akademiya. Alhaitham also doesn't have any leads on Lesser Lord Kusanali… but he does have the mysterious red Divine Knowledge Capsule, though he's keeping that a secret.

With this, you've reached the end of Chapter 3: Act 1 - Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark.

Completion Rewards:


  • x30 Primogems
  • x2 Hero's Wit
  • x575 Adventure EXP
  • x22775 Mora
  • x4 Mystic Enhancement Ore

Your next adventure takes you to Chapter 3, Act 2: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings

Up Next: Chapter 3, Act 2: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings

PreviousInterlude Chapter, Act Two: Perilous TrailNextChapter 3, Act 2: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings

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How do you unlock the Archon Quest in Act 3 of Chapter 3? ›

Speak to Katheryne at the Adventurers' Guild in Sumeru to kick off this Archon Quest. You'll soon come to realize that Nahida is playing her old tricks again, so head to the nearby quest marker on Treasures Street to chat with her.

How do you get past the mists of smoke and forest in dark quest? ›

Fast travel to the nearby Statue of the Seven, then glide down into the familiar cave with Haypasia inside to complete this section of the 'Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark' Archon Quest. For completing 'Chronic Illness', you'll get some welcome rewards: x2 Hero's Wit.

Is there a chapter 3 in Genshin Impact? ›

Chapter III of the Archon Quests in Genshin Impact are related to the God of Wisdom. These quests focus on the nation of Sumeru. The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself, and the oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance.

How old is the Sumeru Archon? ›

The youngest Archon is the one from Sumeru, who is only 500 years old. It should be noted that not all of the original seven Archons are still around, as the Archon War took place over 2000 years ago.

Is the Sumeru Archon Quest over? ›

With the release of Version 3.0, Genshin Impact received its third major expansion, adding the fourth region, Sumeru. Now, fast-forward to today, and we're now on Version 3.2, where the Archon Quest has concluded.

Is Sumeru based off India? ›

Sumeru, the next region, appears to be based on a mix of Middle Eastern and South Asian culture.

Does Cyno have ears? ›

Although Cyno does his best to go unnoticed, the fluffy ears of the Head Forest Ranger could not be fooled.

How many acts does Sumeru? ›

Released in two acts, Act I: Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark, and Act II: The Morn a Thousand Roses Bring.

How do I activate my Sumeru quest? ›

How to get to Sumeru
  1. Locate where the Chasm is on your map and use the nearest Waypoint to reach The Chasm, Liyue Waypoint.
  2. If you haven't unlocked any Waypoints, you'll have to travel the Chasm's surface to reach the entrance.
  3. Enter the tunnel and follow it until you've reached the other side.
  4. Congrats!
1 Oct 2022

How do you unlock the Sumeru underground? ›

Once Travelers complete the main quest called "Golden Dream," they can unlock 24 waypoints in the desert, including the underground area.

When did Scaramouche join the Fatui? ›

He was once the sixth member of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers until he betrayed them after he took the Electro Gnosis and severed all ties within the Fatui. He first appeared in the "Unreconciled Stars" event as the main antagonist.

What is Sumeru based on? ›

7/8 Sumeru Is Based On South Asia

On the other hand, Sumeru will be a melting pot of different South Asian and Middle Eastern influences. Largely, Sumeru's geography will be influenced by these connections, with it consisting of a mix of rainforests and deserts.

How long is the Sumeru quest? ›

Secret 7 days long Sumeru desert quest in Genshin Impact: How to unlock and complete guide. Genshin Impact players can take part in a quest found in Sumeru's desert that takes several days to complete but provides tons of rewards.

Is Dendro Archon a boy? ›

The Dendro Archon was actually a woman all along. The reason this mistake happened is there are no gendered pronouns in Chinese. So the Chinese original dialogue of Genshin Impact until now didn't refer to the Dendro Archon as either she or he. Until Yae Miko confirmed she is female.

Why is Sumeru white? ›

Despite drawing abundant inspiration from numerous South Asian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures, Genshin Impact opted to give the majority of its Sumeru playable characters pale skin.

Who is the oldest Archon? ›

Liyue's Morax, the God of Contracts, is the oldest Archon in Genshin Impact, with at least over 2,000 years under his rule.

Is the Sumeru Archon female? ›

Sumeru's Statue of the Seven depicts a female figure who appears to be a child. She is shown to be wearing a similar cloak and draping clothing similar to the other known Archon statues.

What level is Signora in Archon quest? ›

Signora Archon Quest, Adventure Rank, and Resin

Signora's trounce domain is on Narukami Island in Inazuma, but it's only accessible after you finish the Archon Quest “Chapter 2: Act 3 - Omnipresence Over Mortals.” To access this quest, you need to complete the previous Archon Quest and be Adventure Rank 30 or higher.

Do you fight Signora in the Archon quest? ›

13/13 Unlocking Signora

She's one of the bosses near the end of the questline. Even so, that fight will likely be easier compared to her weekly boss version because it's part of the story. Players must clear the following quest to get to her weekly boss version as well as her story version: Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 3.

Is Sumeru Arab or Indian? ›

Sumeru Parbat is a 6,350-metre (20,830 ft) high mountain in the Gangotri Glacier region of Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India.

How long did LISA study in Sumeru? ›

Lisa once attended Sumeru Academia and only studied for 2 years before leaving abruptly but even during that short time, she became the most renowned scholar in 200 years. Cyrus of Sumeru Academia still boasts of her accomplishments.

Will we meet Collei in Sumeru? ›

Collei is finally coming to Genshin Impact ⁠— after months of leaks surrounding the Dendro character, she will be a part of the Sumeru launch as one of the game's first wielding the seventh element. Here's what we know about the four-star archer, including her abilities, lore, and release date.

Is Cyno a five star? ›

Looking for the Genshin Impact Cyno Banner? Cyno is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact. He wields a Polearm and an Electro vision.

Is Cyno a pyro? ›

According to current leaks, Cyno is a Hydro polearm user, giving him the ability to command the power of water.

Is Cyno a God? ›

Cyno – The jackal-headed God of mummification. His role was to guide the dead into the afterlife, but the general public saw him as a harbinger of death, much like the Grim Reaper.

Is Sumeru based on Africa? ›

The region of Sumeru had fans nervous regarding its representation even before its release, as fans knew that it would be based on a mix of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Northern African cultures.

Is Fontaine or Sumeru next? ›

The characters featured in Fontaine are Lyney and Lynette, who seem to have a carnivalesque aesthetic. Fontaine appears to be based on France and Italy and will appear after Sumeru, likely in 2023.

Is Sumeru a God? ›

Sumeru's Archon is called the Lesser Lord Kusalani, and she is dubbed the God of Wisdom, as told by Zhongli.

Is Dendro traveler good? ›

It's especially useful as there aren't currently many Dendro characters in the game, much fewer ones that do close-range combat. Many players forget that the Traveler is supposed to be a five-star character, and when equipped with the right artifacts and weapons, they can dish out a decent amount of damage to enemies.

How many Primos does Sumeru give? ›

Sumeru Region exploration (1500 Primogems)

What ar do you need for Sumeru? ›

If you're having trouble picking up the quest that sends you to the new region, make sure you meet the requirements listed below: Raise your Adventure Level (AR) to 35 or higher.

Can you buy Onikabuto? ›

And in case you're wondering; Onikabuto can't be bought in shops. The Onikabuto only appear on Narukami, Kannazuka, Yashiori, and Seirai Island. They usually appear in areas with a high Electro concentration, such as Mikage Furnace.

How do I drain my Sumeru water? ›

Jump off the side of the ruins and glide under the first level into the open side. If you have chosen the west side, now turn to the right, where you will see some ruin machines and a locked mechanism, above which hovers a Seelie. Destroy the machines and operate the mechanism to lower the water level.

Why do people ship kazuha with Scaramouche? ›

The ship grew in popularity as more people discovered the theory that they were old friends. With Kazuha being described as a kind soul while Scaramouche is said to be difficult to get along with, they were shipped romantically by fans of the Opposites Attract trope.

Is Scaramouche EI's son? ›

It has been confirmed that Scaramouche is one of Raiden Ei's creations, and could be considered her child.

How old is the tsaritsa? ›

As the Cryo Archon, the Tsaritsa could presumably harness the power of the Cryo element to conjure and manipulate ice on a grand scale. Immortality: The gods of Teyvat were long-lived when compared to mortals, with the oldest known example being over six thousand years old.

Which country is Snezhnaya? ›

The Snezhnaya (Russian: Снежная lit: Snowy) is a river in Buryatia and Irkutsk Oblast, Siberia, Russia.

Is Sumeru getting bigger? ›

With the 3.0 Sumeru update looming, the game's size and scope will only continue to grow. Developer Hoyoverse will add a new region for the protagonist, colloquially known as the “Traveler,” and our floating companion Paimon, to visit, along with new characters and quests.

Did Signora study at Sumeru? ›

Signora was once human, but gave up her humanity 500 years ago in lieu of giving in to revenge. She was a human woman who lived in Monstadt with her lover Rostam, and studied at Sumeru academy.

How long does it take to 100% Sumeru? ›

According to Tigerpawz68, who is a student, accomplishing the 100% completion of Sumeru took over twenty hours of dedicated gameplay each week since Genshin Impact 3.0 was launched.

Can you get Klee from her story quest? ›

A story quest at AR32 lets you try out the character, but a new trial to test out Klee will also be available to see if you want to spend your hard earned currency (in-game or otherwise) on trying to pick up this Pyro character.

How many Primos do you need to get 90 Wishes? ›

You need at least 10 Wishes to get a 4-star character and 90 Wishes for a 5-star one. Each Wish will cost you 160 Primogems.

Is Pyro Archon a girl? ›

Murata in Genshin Impact: Details and information

She is the Lady of Fire, the God of War and the Archon of Pyro, and is responsible for the Muratans, her descendents who are blessed with red hair that is bright like flames.

Is Cyno pyro or Dendro? ›

He is from Sumeru, which is the Dendro nation. However, the red emblem around his waist may imply he holds a Pyro vision instead. As a resident of the desert region that is Sumeru, Cyno wears a cloak and light clothes to adapt to the heat.

How old is Raiden EI? ›

3/11 Raiden Shogun, At Least 2000 Years Old

The Raiden Shogun, also known as Ei, is an interesting character in Genshin Impact, as she doesn't have a distinct age.

What religion is Sumeru? ›

In Buddhism

According to Buddhist cosmology, Mount Meru (or Sumeru) is at the centre of the world, and Jambūdvīpa is south of it. It is 80,000 yojanas wide and 80,000 yojanas high according to the Abhidharmakośabhāṣyam and 84,000 yojanas high according to the Long Āgama Sutra.

Is there a Dottore in Sumeru? ›

Trivia. It is heavily implied that Zandik, a historical character who is heavily featured in interactables found throughout Sumeru, was the name Dottore went by while he was in Sumeru Akademiya.

Is Sumeru based on Arabs? ›

Sumeru is based on India, Middle Eastern Countries and Egypt.

Is Aether older than lumine? ›

Trivia. In the voiceline "About Being Siblings", it's confirmed that Lumine and Aether are the exact same age, and that they decide who has to do errands with rock-paper-scissors.

What happens if a Archon dies? ›

5/10 They Can't Be Killed

While the Archon War had monumentally high numbers of casualties, it's safe to say that the dead gods can't really count among the dead. Archons can't be destroyed according to the lore.

Is Sumeru based on India or Egypt? ›

Sumeru, the next region, appears to be based on a mix of Middle Eastern and South Asian culture.

Is Hydro Archon a male? ›

Nope, the Hydro Archon is female.

What rank is Scaramouche? ›

Also known as the Balladeer, He's one of the Fatui's Eleven Harbingers, and sitting at rank number 6, he is higher in rank than both Tartaglia and Signora.

What rank is Childe in the Fatui? ›

Tartaglia: More popularly known as Childe, Tartaglia is No. 11 of the Fatui Harbingers.

Can you beat Signora in co op? ›

La Signora Battle Basics

If you want to make the fight a bit easier on yourself, then you can take it on in co-op with a friend or use the match-making option in the domain menu before entering battle.

Who killed Signora? ›

Although despite her immense powers, she lost in a duel with the Traveler and ultimately was killed by Raiden Shogun.

Is Signora cryo or pyro? ›

Signora wields a Cryo Delusion and can also use fire-based powers.

Is Signora immune to Pyro? ›

During the 2.1 update of the game, La Signora was reintroduced as a weekly boss in the trounce domain Tenshukaku. Like Tartaglia, La Signora owns both a Vision (Cyro) and a Delusion (Pyro). She is not immune to these elements, so you can fight her using both.

How do you unlock the new Archon quest? ›

Here's what they'll need to do to unlock the quest: Reach Adventure Rank 28 or above. Complete the Archon Quests: A New Star Approaches and the World Quest Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend? Complete Arataki Itto's Story Quest and Raiden Shogun's Story Quest (to enhance experience)

How do you unlock the OH Archon quest? ›

Genshin Impact: How to unlock the "O Archon, Have I Done Right" quest. - Complete Shouta's commission with different routes (Go to Komore Teahouse route and Outskirts route) After that, the quest gets triggered and you can see Shouta with the World Quest mark.

How do you unlock the Archon quest Inazuma? ›

To access Inazuma, you must complete 'Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia' (main story quest), and you have to reach Adventure Rank 30 (AR 30).

How do you unlock the wishes Archon quest? ›

Genshin Impact Wishes - How to unlock Wishes quest

As you'd expect, you have to complete every other Archon quest in chapter two, Inazuma, to unlock Wishes. Most of these involve speaking with various people at certain times, though Act 1 also requires you to complete Ayaka's and Yoimiya's story quests.

How do I unlock Sumeru? ›

How to get to Sumeru
  1. Locate where the Chasm is on your map and use the nearest Waypoint to reach The Chasm, Liyue Waypoint.
  2. If you haven't unlocked any Waypoints, you'll have to travel the Chasm's surface to reach the entrance.
  3. Enter the tunnel and follow it until you've reached the other side.
  4. Congrats!
1 Oct 2022

How much XP does the Archon quest give? ›

After Traveler and Paimon wake up, you will complete 'The Arrival of the Sabzeruz Festival' part of 'The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings' Archon Quest and you will get the following rewards: x2 Hero's Wit. x4 Mystic Enhancement Ore. 575 Adventure EXP.

Is the Archon Quest 2.7 permanent? ›

The new Archon Quest Interlude Chapter “Perilous Trail” is also available as a permanent addition to the game. Yelan also has her own Story Quest while Kuki Shinobu has a Hangout Event. Check out the conditions to experience those below. Full patch notes can be viewed here.

How many Primogems do you get per Archon quest? ›

Completing Archon (Main campaign) or Story (Character) quests (60 Primogems each - note that Archon chapters will usually consist of multiple quests so you can potentially earn more Primogems) Completing mission objectives in the Adventurer's Handbook. Each chapter earns you 50-150 Primogems.

Is co-op allowed in Archon quest? ›

If you are currently "on" an Archon quest -- as in, you've spoken to one of the key NPCs while at the correct Adventure Rank and received a task to do -- then you won't be able to participate in co-op. You'll have to finish that stage of the Archon quest before you can do co-op again.

Can you go to Inazuma with Kaeya? ›

How NOT to get to Inazuma: don't use Kaeya. It seems that many players have tried to reach Inazuma by walking over water, using Cryo character Kaeya. This will take an awful lot of time and it won't work.

Where is Beidou on her ship? ›

Talk to Katheryne in Liyue Harbor, then find Beidou's ship east of Guyun Stone Forest. You can teleport to the Domain of Guyun, climb the rocks, and then glide down to reach the ship. Talk to Beidou on the ship.

Who was the original Archon of Inazuma? ›

Rather, the Raiden Shogun's story is a tragedy, as explained in the end of Inazuma's arc. The original Electro Archon was not Beelzebul, but rather her twin, Baal. However, in the catastrophic events that occurred 500 years before Genshin Impact's start, Baal fell in battle.

Does world level affect Archon Quest? ›

The difficulty of enemies in Archon Quests as well as the level of trial characters (up to 90) is calculated based on current World Level.

Is the new Archon Quest permanent? ›

Missive Windspear (Polearm) and its refinement materials can be redeemed in the event "Of Ballads and Brews." ◇ After the Version 3.1 update, the Archon Quest Chapter III: Act III "Dreams, Emptiness, Deception" and Archon Quest Chapter III: Act IV "King Deshret and the Three Magi" will be permanently available.

Can you skip a Archon Quest? ›

You can't skip the quest if it's an archon quest (If the quest is titled "Ritou Escape Plan" that is), if you want to proceed in the story and take part in future events you have to complete it. Co-op mode is also disabled while doing that quest.


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