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11-year-old boy gives flowers to King Soopers employees - ABC News

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

JJ spends time volunteering to help neighbors with chores such as putting out their trash.With money he made as a dog walker, JJ Witmer bought dozens of flowers for King Soopers employeesA florist at the Brighton King Soopers offered JJ a discount to purchase dozens of flowers, which he spent about 45 minutes sharing with every employee at the store, telling him that he appreciated their hard work. They shared hugs and smiles, and some of the employees teared up.Jody and JJ then went to the Commerce City store, at which they're regulars and know many of the workers.Another shopper stopped JJ and said, "I'm embarrassed to share this, but I just cried listening to you. My wife is a manager of a King Soopers, and this touches me a lot today." JJ handed that man a flower as well.When they got home, Witmer said JJ was happy to have helped dozens of employees that day. She shared their story on Facebook in the hopes it would inspire others to do help spread kindness during difficult times."People are taking action," she said, "and that's awesome."JJ went to two King Soopers locations in Brighton and Commerce City to share flowers with employees... https://abcnews.go.com/US/11-year-boy-flowers-king-soopers-employees/story?id=76708231

After the shooting, a boy gave flowers to workers at King Soopers stores near the attack - The Washington Post

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

He purchased dozens of carnations in a variety of bright colors and paid for them with money he earned from dog-walking. When JJ told the florist his plan to give a flower to every store employee, she offered him a generous discount.That’s when he turned to his mother and excitedly said, “kindness is spreading!” Witmer recalled.They did several laps around the supermarket and handed out one flower to every employee. With each flower, JJ shared an earnest message.“We just wanted to let you know you’re appreciated. Thank you for being here today. It must be hard,” he said to each employee.“At first, I was a little bit timid because I wasn’t sure how they would react,” JJ said.But then he saw that employees instantly responded with overwhelming gratitude.“They were really thankful. Lots of them were crying and giving me first bumps and air hugs,” JJ said. “It made me feel so good. I was filled with joy and happiness.”While chatting with the store employees, “they said they were kind of scared to go do their job,” JJ added. “I think we made the right decision because it made a lot of people feel good.”Although Witmer followed closely behind her son, “I just stood in the background and let him do his thing,” she said. “This was his idea, and I was just there to support him.”After about 45 minutes in the store, they moved on to another King Soopers location in Reunion, a community in Commerce City, which is where the Witmer family usually gets their groceries.“We know most of the employees there,” JJ said.He purchased three dozen red roses that the store’s florist also offered at a heavily discounted price. Again, he circled the supermarket, handing out flowers to every employee in sight.“He even waited for a staff meeting to end so he wouldn’t miss anybody,” Witmer said.Marsha Esparza-Barnabe, 58, who works in the pharmacy at the Commerce City King Soopers, was surprised when JJ approached her with a rose.The atmosphere in the store was “very somber,” she said. “Everybody was talking about [the shooting], and it was just very sad. It could have been our store.”Then JJ appeared, rose in hand.The small gesture of kindness was so overwhelming, Esparza-Barnabe said, that “I actually turned and walked to the back and cried.”Not far away, in the baking aisle of the supermarket, Zerelda Todd — a King Soopers employee of 46 years — was on her knees, stocking the shelves with tubes of frosting.“All of a sudden, I heard this quiet voice go ‘Ma’am,' ” Todd, 64, said. ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2021/03/25/king-soopers-shooting-flowers-colorado/

10 Northern Michigan Florists – mynorth.com - MyNorth.com

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

February and whether yours is a newly budding relationship or a blossoming one, let your significant other know they’re special to you with a Valentine’s Day bouquet from a Northern Michigan florist.These 10 Northern Michigan florists (from Traverse City to Ludington!) are great to keep in mind for Valentine’s Day, but they also create arrangements year-round for weddings, funerals, anniversaries, parties and more!Beads and Blooms Florist78 N. Jebavy Dr. Ludington, MI 49431, 231.845.6537 or 231.425.4133A local florist that delivers on a personal level, “all flower arrangements are artistically arranged in a vase and hand-delivered to the recipient.”Flower’s From Sky’s the Limit413 Michigan St. Petoskey, MI 49770, 231.347.7770Pick out the perfect pair of posies (or whatever suits your fancy) online and choose from a wide variety of arrangements that can be delivered in Petoskey or nationwide.Flower Station341 W. Front St., Traverse City, MI 49684, 231.946.1742, toll free:Located a short walk from the heart of downtown Traverse City, the Flower Station is a family owned store that offers a selection of imported and locally grown fresh flowers.Hagstrom’s Flowers910 South Mitchell... https://mynorth.com/2015/01/10-northern-michigan-florists/

Fayetteville florist delivers flowers to families for soldiers overseas - WTVD-TV

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- As floral shops scramble to prepare and deliver orders for Valentine's Day, one Fayetteville flower shop is bringing smiles from loved stationed overseas.Owens Florist says they will fulfill up to 300 orders on Valentine's Day alone of both local and orders coming from deployed Fort Bragg soldiers.The shop's owner, Barbara Colman, said it's a special way to help soldiers stay in touch with their loved ones, even when they are far away from home."There's a lot of preparation, a lot of orders for flowers that need to be placed months ahead of time," said Colman.For the full staff on hand, it's more than just a busy flower delivery day."We love just giving that hometown feel that they aren't that far away. Because they can call us and order online we can just make their spouse happy during this difficult time," said Colman.Barbara says those needing last-minute bouquets might be out of luck, by the end of the day, the shop plans to sell out of all the Valentine's Day arrangements. https://abc11.com/owens-florist-barbara-colman-fayetteville-flower-shops/5931865/

Slaughterhouse Workers Can Now Get Free Job Training to Become Florists - VegNews

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), sent a letter to Kim Cordova, president of labor union United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, urging her to encourage workers to become florists in light of the ongoing pandemic and offering for PETA to pay for the necessary job training to make the transition. “Working on the kill floor is a dangerous, dirty, dead-end job,” Newkirk said. “PETA is happy to help budding flower arrangers flee the meat industry for the sake of animals and their own mental health.”Last week, a number of meat companies closed slaughterhouses as an increasing number of workers became infected with COVID-19—a disease thought to have originated from a wet animal market, not dissimilar from a slaughterhouse, in Wuhan, China late last year. Smithfield shuttered its Sioux Falls, SD pig slaughterhouse after 230 workers tested positive, Cargill closed its meat-packaging plant near Hazleton, PA, after reporting 130 positive cases, and JBS temporarily shut down its beef slaughterhouse in Souderton, PA after 17 workers tested positive.Love the plant-based lifestyle as much as we do?Get the BEST vegan recipes, travel, celebrity interviews, product picks, and so much more inside every issue of VegNews Magazine. Find out why VegNews is the world’s #1 plant-based magazine by subscribing today!Subscribe... https://vegnews.com/2020/4/slaughterhouse-workers-can-now-get-free-job-training-to-become-florists

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Who is the target audience for a flower shop? ›

Increasing sales on flowers depend largely on knowing your customers and giving them what they want. Women of different ages, backgrounds, and financial conditions constitute the largest flower shop target market in the USA, with almost 80% percent of flower sales being attributed to female customers.

How does the flower business work? ›

Owning a flower shop typically involves renting a space from which you will sell floral arrangements. Owners purchase these arrangements at wholesale price and resell them to consumers for a profit. Florists provide cut flowers and floral arrangements for all these occasions.

Which social media is used for flower business? ›

What Social Media Platforms Should Florists Use? As a florist, you can use numerous social media platforms to inform users about your business and showcase your services. The major platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

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