My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (2022)

The trees have all sorts of blossoms adorning them here in Denver. It is one of the things I love most about living in an area that has all four seasons the way that this city does. Spring can bring to mind so many memories and nostalgia, can’t it? One thing that apple blossoms brings to mind for me is one of the opening scenes of Anne of Green Gables. You might know the one. Anne is being driven home by a perplexed Matthew Cuthbert. As they approach Green Gables Anne spots the apple orchard and is unable to contain herself. The magic of the new little family has begun.

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (1)

I know a lot of our readers are fans of the series by L.M. Montgomery. I’ve thought about watching the CBC series this summer and combined, I thought it might be time for a blog post on the lesser-known facts of this audacious girl’s story.

Enter Evelyn Nesbit

Evelyn Nesbit and Anne Shirley may not appear to have a lot in common, but this is FAR from the truth. The two in fact have quite a great deal in common, as they look quite similar. Or at least that is what L.M. Montgomery intended.

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (2)

According to many sources, including what is now top of my reading list, Looking for Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery used a photo of Nesbit as inspiration for describing and writing about Anne during the creation of the first manuscript in 1905. If you know much about Nesbit’s story, this may come as a surprise to you, as she had a few scandals in her time. It is quite possible that neither Montgomery or Nesbit knew of each other. Says the blog Crooked House:

“It is almost certain that Nesbit never knew she was the model for Anne’s face — and it’s not clear that Montgomery realized just who had inspired Anne’s face, either. Gammel writes that although the “Murder of the Century” was front-page news even in Cavendish, there is no conclusive evidence about whether Montgomery made the connection between the girl in the 1903 photo pictured above and the woman at the center of the 1907 scandal.”

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As a fan of all three women, I love the connection, regardless of how it came to be.

The first edition of Anne of Green Gables is shown above. Do you think it looks like Evelyn Nesbit on the cover?

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (3)

Straight to the big screen

The first edition of Anne of Green Gables was published in 1908 and was an immediate success. Adaptations were quick to spring up, and Montgomery became widely successful. While the CBC mini-series starring Megan Follows may be what comes to mind when you think of Anne Shirley on the big screen, it was far from the first.

The first big-screen adaptation of Anne of Green Gables appeared in 1919 and another one in 1934. Other adaptations include:

-Six radio productions between 1941-1997

-Nine stage productions including Canada’s longest-running stage musical, Anne of Green Gables: The Musical and a recent folk-rock production, Anne of Green Gables by Matte O’Brien and Matt Vinson.

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-Five animated television shows

-A dozen mini-series

Sadly, the CBC version is not currently available for streaming, but it can be purchased or rent on Apple and YouTube.

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (4)

Anne Shirley is beloved in Japan

I could have written an entire blog post on Anne Shirley’s long-standing popularity in Japan, and perhaps I will someday. It is an incredible story and such a tribute to the universality of Anne of Green Gables and Montgomery’s creation.

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (5)

Japanese translator Hanako Muraoka was gifted a copy of Anne of Green Gables in 1939 and is said to have spent the scary years during which Japan was involved with WWII translating it. This was done in secret, as English language materials were forbidden during that time.

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Anne of Green Gables was published in Japan in 1952 and it is speculated that its overnight success is partially due to the way it resonated with post-war Japanese children. To this day Muraoka is considered a hero and an important contributor to the country’s culture.

The first animated television show about Anne Shirley ran in Japan in 1979 and has been running ever since. There is also a School of Green Gables nursing academy, a replica of Green Gables in the provenance of Hokkaido, Japanese versions of the popular musical, and an enormous general fandom around Anne and the books.

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L.M. Montgomery was a top-selling author of many books

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (6)

As a young girl fascinated with history, I naturally sought out biographies on L.M. Montgomery while reading the Anne series. I would guess that I was in 6th or 7th grade at the time. What still stands out to me about this audacious woman is that such little attention is given to the success of her career. She knew that she wanted to be a writer from a young age, as many girls of her time did. It was seen as a respectable career for a woman, but more than that, it was an opportunity for women to finally put their skills and imagination to use and help support their families at the same time. Montgomery was fully competent and wouldn’t give up. By the time Anne of Green Gables was published in 1908, she was already making a living as a writer.

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And that was just the beginning. By 1909 Anne of Green Gables was a best-seller and had gone through six printings. Six sequels would follow, all considered best sellers. Some of her non-Anne Shirley books were enormous hits as well, including Rilla of Ingleside, Emily of the New Moon, and The Blue Castle. And besides writing hit novels she published over 500 short stories and poems. I highly recommend her collection of short stories about the people of Anne’s hometown, The Chronicles of Avonlea.

Montgomery was widely celebrated during her time. She was the first Canadian female fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and was awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935.

Anne Shirley played by Anne Shirley?

Remember the 1934 screen version of Anne of Green Gables? The film featured actress Dawn O’Day as Anne. O’Day was emerging onto (slightly) more mature roles following a successful career as a child actress and is said to have pleased Montgomery far more than the 1919 version did (sadly, however, she wasn’t thrilled with what Hollywood did to the story overall).

My favorite Anne of Green Gables fun facts (7)

Following the release of the film, O’Day made the interesting decision to change her screen name to Anne Shirley and was billed as such for the remainder of her career. I haven’t been able to find much information about the change, except that she may have been having difficulty transitioning from child star to serious actress. If that is the case, it is amusing as today, one might think that adopting the name of a child from a children’s books would hardly give one the upper hand in such pursuits.

O’Day, now performing as Shirley, returned to play her namesake in the adaptation of Anne of the Windy Poplars. The film was not well received and eventually, it is said that Shirley simply became sick of Hollywood and retired at age 26. She made her mark, however, and is memorialized with a star on the Walk of Fame.

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Did Anne and Gilbert get married? ›

In the original books, Anne and Gilbert get married and have a total of seven children between approximately 1895-1900.

Is Anne from Anne with an E autistic? ›

The show never says anything it indicate this diagnosis, and the creators have even said they were simply modeling the character from people they have known in real life. Much like Sheldon, Anne was never labeled with any kind of official diagnosis—in fact she predated many of the labels put on her.

Does Anne of Green Gables have ADHD? ›

Anne Shirley, the protagonist of the novel Anne of Green Gables (written by Lucy Maude Montgomery and published in 1908), shares the hyperactive and inattentive qualities that fit the current definition of ADHD. She also lacks the menacing characteristics of the 1902 description.

How old was Anne of Green Gables when her parents died? ›

Anne's early life

Anne was orphaned as an infant of three months, when her parents died of typhoid fever. Without any other relations, Anne was taken in by the Shirleys' housekeeper, Mrs. Thomas. After the death of her husband, Mr.

How many kids did Anne and Gilbert have? ›

Anne ultimately marries Gilbert Blythe, the classmate who once called her “carrots” and had a slate broken over his head for his impertinence. They settle in Glen St. Mary, where Gilbert practises medicine, and they have six children: Jem, Walter, the twins Nan and Di, Shirley and Rilla.

Who married Diana Barry? ›

Diana is Anne's bosom friend and true kindred spirit. Diana and Anne attended school together in Avonlea. She later marries school mate Fred Wright and goes on to raise a family with him. She is Anne's confidante and loyal supporter through all of their misadventures together.

Was Anne with an E abused? ›

As a little orphan, Anne (Amybeth McNulty) arrives at Avonlea to meet her adopted family and has traumatic flashbacks of her experiences in a previous family, where she underwent physical and emotional abuse.

Who falls in love with Anne? ›

Anne and Gilbert were each other's perfect partner. They start off on the wrong foot, but over the years they build a wonderful friendship, which eventually leads to love built on mutual respect and understanding. They are “couple goals” and their love story is one of the big appeals of the Anne of Green Gables Series.

What illness did Marilla have Anne with E? ›

She struggles from debilitating headaches as her vision begins to deteriorate, and fears ending up an invalid like her mother. Unlike her old friend Rachel, Marilla is becoming open to new experiences and new ways of viewing the world.

Why does Anne not like red hair? ›

Initially, Anne hates her red hair. She thinks it a blight on her life and complains about it at every opportunity. Her loathing for her hair reveals her dislike of herself. No one has ever loved Anne properly, and she does not approve of her own mistakes and bad behavior.

Why is Mary sick in Anne with an E? ›

Story. Mary first meets Bash he comes to the laundrettes. She passes away after developing sepsis a while after giving birth.

What did Anne do to her hair? ›

Accordingly, Anne washed her hair, scrubbing it vigorously with soap and water, but for all the difference it made she might as well have been scouring its original red. The peddler had certainly spoken the truth when he declared that the dye wouldn't wash off, however his veracity might be impeached in other respects.

Is Green Gables a real place? ›

Green Gables is recognized as a Federal Historic Building by the government of Canada and is situated on the L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish National Historic Site of Canada. The National Historic Site itself is situated on Prince Edward Island National Park.

Is Anne Green Gables a true story? ›

Though the book is a work of fiction — there is no real Anne Shirley on whose life the events in it are based — Anne of Green Gables does have some ties to reality.

How old was Anne with an E when she got adopted? ›

Arrival at Green Gables

Anne was eleven years old when she was adopted (not as a daughter) and allowed to stay with Marilla and Matthew.

What book did Anne and Gilbert marry? ›

[Anne Shirley married Gilbert Blythe]. *Anne of Green Gables Series,Book #5.

Does Gilbert Stop Loving Anne? ›

As the series ends, it is 1919 and they are happy; Gilbert is 55 and still sincerely in love with Anne of Green Gables.

Why did Gilbert fall in love with Anne? ›

Gilbert deeply regretted the incident and persisted in trying to get Anne to forgive him throughout their childhood, later realizing when he grew older that he fell in love with Anne on the day she broke her slate on his head.

Who does Josie Pye marry? ›

In Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (1987) Josie courted with Moody Spurgeon MacPherson. In the next film, Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (2000), they were married.

Who did Ruby marry in Anne with an E? ›

She said that she wanted to teach in White Sands in the fall and marry with Herb Spencer. But she never got the chance to marry. Ruby and her family did not want to give up on her, so they went on with their lives as if she was perfectly fine. Sadly, her inevitable death came in August 1884.

Who does prissy marry in Anne with an E? ›

In the same series, Prissy married Mr. Phillips.

Does Anne have PTSD? ›

The show hints that Anne might be suffering from PTSD—she has flashbacks where she lapses into fugue states, remembering past scenes of cruelty and a vicious beating.

Is Anne With An E appropriate for 11 year olds? ›

There is no swearing, not much violence and the "little mouse" metaphor is the show's only sexual reference. The series is probably too heavy for very young children, but older ones should be able to handle the content just fine.

Who is the villain in Anne With An E? ›

Nate has a personality of a fraud, which of course makes sense, because he is a fraud. He lied about there being "gold" in Avonlea. He also could be lying about having any job. And of course, Nathaniel is the most villany character in Anne (TV series).

Does Anne have a miscarriage? ›

A private note made by Charles Wriothesley, Windsor Herald that also claimed that it had been a 'man child', corroborates Chapuys' report that Anne had miscarried a 'male child which she had not borne 3½ months'.

What book does Anne realize she loves Gilbert? ›

There is a book of Revelation in every one's life, as there is in the Bible. Anne read hers that bitter night, as she kept her agonized vigil through the hours of storm and darkness. She loved Gilbert -- had always loved him!

Does Anne and Gilbert kiss in the book? ›

Gilbert drew her close to him and kissed her.

Was Marilla's hair red? ›

Marilla came briskly forward as Matthew opened the door. But when her eyes fell of the odd little figure in the stiff, ugly dress, with the long braids of red hair and the eager, luminous eyes, she stopped short in amazement.

Why didnt Marilla marry John? ›

He once dated Marilla Cuthbert and was married to Mrs. Blythe. He loved travel and adventure, which was the reason he and Marilla broke up. He wanted to explore the world, while she wanted to stay in Avonlea.

How old is Prissy in Anne with an E? ›

Prissy Andrews

A classmate of Anne's. Prissy, sixteen years old when Anne begins her studies at Avonlea School, is considered grown up enough to court the teacher, Mr. Phillips.

When Anne dyed her hair which color did it turn? ›

It turned out green! Still my favourite book and I am now 73. Reading a book called 'Dinner at Rosie's' which may be a close second by Danielle Hawkins. She dyed it green by the peddler after being called “Carrots”.

How did Anne dye her hair green? ›

It turns out that Anne has dyed her hair with disastrous results. She bought hair dye from a traveling peddler who claimed the dye would turn her hair raven black. The dye turned her hair green, and the only solution is for Marilla to crop it to an unfashionably short length.

How did Anne and Mary get pregnant? ›

The couple then received a vision of an angel, who announced that Anne would conceive and bear a most wondrous child, Mary. When the child was three years old, Joachim and Anne, in fulfillment of her divine promise, brought Mary to the Temple of Jerusalem, where they left her to be brought up.

How old was Anne when she gave birth to Mary? ›

Anne was 18 when she married Joachim and they lived in her father's home for seven years. It was here that her first, little known daughter was born. She was called Mary Heli. After 7 years Anne and Joachim moved into a home of their own.

How did Mary cut her hand? ›

While arguing with Mary, Elijah threw something on the ground which startled Mary, the knife she had in her hand slipped and cut her. After several arguments with Mary and Bash about their new life, Elijah abruptly ran away from Avonlea, while stealing a number of items that had belonged to Gilbert's late father, John.

Where did Anne have her first kiss? ›

love. They first kissed in the attic of the Secret Annex.

How did Anne treat her mother? ›

Anne rejected her mother because she didn't want to pray with someone she didn't want around because it would be hypocritical. With time, Anne's perspective on her mother began to change. In January, she went through old diary entries and admitted that she had been harsh in her depiction of her mother.

What is Princess Anne's hairstyle called? ›

...and even with glittering tiaras! When The Crown actress Erin Doherty revealed it can take up to two hours to recreate the Princess Royal's signature updo, Princess Anne retorted, "I'm thinking, 'How could you possibly take that long?' I mean, it takes me 10 or 15 minutes."

How old is Anna Green Gables? ›

Set in the late 19th century, the novel recounts the adventures of Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old orphan girl, who is sent by mistake to two middle-aged siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who had originally intended to adopt a boy to help them on their farm in the fictional town of Avonlea in Prince Edward Island, ...

Why is Anne of Green Gables so special? ›

Anne of Green Gables, children's novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, published in 1908. The work, a sentimental but charming coming-of-age story about a spirited and unconventional orphan girl who finds a home with elderly siblings, became a classic of children's literature and led to several sequels.

Why is Green Gables famous? ›

Green Gables has become famous around the world as the inspiration for the setting in Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic tale of fiction, Anne of Green Gables. In real life, this farm was the home of David Jr. and Margaret Macneill, who were cousins of Montgomery's grandfather.

How old is Anne of Green Gables when Matthew dies? ›

He died of a heart attack when Anne was sixteen, the first death of someone close she had ever known.

What is the message of Anne of Green Gables? ›

Hope and perseverance are the overarching themes of the story. Anne comes to Green Gables to find her place in the world, a home. The talented Grace Davis, 13, portrays the effervescent Anne Shirley with remarkable skill and energy. Never missing a beat, she sailed through the performance with confidence.

Was Anne abused in the orphanage? ›

During Anne Shirley's time at the Saint Alban's Orphanage, Anne was regularly bullied by an older girl, whose name was not given in the series. The older girl would frequently lead other girls at the orphanage in acts of physical and psychological abuse towards Anne.

Who bullied Anne with an E? ›

Billy Andrews is the brother of Prissy Andrews and Jane Andrews who bullies Anne Shirley Cuthbert and others at school. He is a secondary character in Anne, and is portrayed by Christian Martyn.

How old is Prissy in Anne with an R? ›

He's all the time curling his mustache and making eyes at Prissy Andrews. Prissy is grown up, you know. She's sixteen and she's studying for the entrance examination into Queen's Academy at Charlottetown next year.

Does Anne marry Gilbert in the sequel? ›

Following Colleen Dewhurst's death in 1991, Marilla Cuthbert's passing was written into Road to Avonlea. At the funeral, Hetty King refers to Gilbert and Anne Blythe, stating they are married.

What happens to Anne and Gilbert at the end? ›

At the end of the finale, Anne and Gilbert finally get together at her family's farm in Avonlea. They agree to be pen pals, and Diana decides to go to college too so she and Anne can be roommates.

Does Gilbert propose to Anne? ›

Gilbert is now studying at Redmond College and is in Anne's class. After many years, he finally admits his love for Anne and proposes to her. He is rejected the first time but after falling ill and proposing again Anne accepts it.

Who does Gilbert marry in Anne of Green Gables? ›

Anne Shirley

What is Anne and Gilbert age gap? ›

Gilbert was born in 1862 in Avonlea to John Blythe and his wife. Though at thirteen he was two years older than Anne and Diana, he was in their class in school.

Does prissy marry Mr Phillips? ›

Mr. Phillips was in a secret relationship with Prissy Andrews. He asked her to marry him and she said yes, but later left him at the altar, because he wanted her to skip going to college for the sake of his own social advancement. He went to Toronto after he was jilted.

When did Anne fall in love with Gilbert? ›

Anne realizes she loves Gilbert in the season three episode “A Dense and Frightful Darkness.” However, he's about to propose to Winifred because he feels it's the “right thing to do.” He's convinced that Anne doesn't love him. Hoping to stop this, Anne leaves a note at Gilbert's home, telling him that she loves him.

Did Gilbert confess to Anne? ›

Later that day, Gilbert writes a letter to Anne, confessing his love, and leaves it on her bedroom's desk at Green Gables.

Do Gilbert and Anne fall in love? ›

Anne and Gilbert were each other's perfect partner. They start off on the wrong foot, but over the years they build a wonderful friendship, which eventually leads to love built on mutual respect and understanding. They are “couple goals” and their love story is one of the big appeals of the Anne of Green Gables Series.

Does Prissy get married? ›

In Anne of Green Gables (1979), Prissy was the older sister of Jane Andrews. In the books, they were not sisters, but most likely cousins or distant relatives. In the same series, Prissy married Mr. Phillips.

Are Anne and Gilbert soulmates? ›

Fans knew they would ultimately become a couple based on L.M. Montgomery's original book series, Anne of Green Gables. Anne and Gilbert are soulmates, and they have several heartwarming, romantic moments.

How old is Anne s3? ›

As the world of Avonlea continues to expand, Anne turns 16 – a momentous occasion which cements her desire to discover more about her birth parents and family history.

What episode does Gilbert kiss Anne? ›

"Kissing in the Rain" Anne & Gilbert (TV Episode 2014) - IMDb.


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